Read More Efficiently with These Habits

Bryan Dijkhuizen

I buy so many books every single year. But I don’t read them. I tell myself that I’m going to read them before I buy them.

But I don’t read them.

What if there were little tricks to help you read more efficiently? Would I be able to read all those books? Let’s take a look at three reading habits to read more efficiently.

1. Create a Reading Routine Every Day

Like every new habit you want to create, you need to first force yourself to do it every single day before it becomes natural.

It doesn’t even have to be a very long reading session — as long as you do it.

You can do it once a day, twice a day, or as many times a day as you want. Most people like to read in the evening before they go to bed — if you’re easily falling asleep that might not be a perfect moment to do it.

I like to read on the go, while I’m traveling — it’s so comfortable. You’re just sitting on a train or a bus starting outside your window and don’t need to worry about anything. But you can’t make that a routine since you’re not always on the bus.

If you can read long bits try doing one session a day. If you get distracted quite easily you might want to plan multiple shorter sessions like 10 minutes a time.

This way you’ll develop a habit that will stick.

2. Track the Books You Want to Read

I keep the books I’ve read and want to read in a list on Goodreads — that’s a social media platform that tracks books. You can enter all of the books you’ve read, want to read, want to buy and you’re currently reading.

You can also choose to create a reading challenge for the year. How many books are you going to read?

I’ve set my challenge amount to 25 books in 2022.

When you track this, track your friends’ books — you might get competitive and want to read more.

But if you’re not into the high-tech lists and all that you can still just grab a notebook and list your books there.

Might feel good to cross a book off with a pen or pencil.

3. Buy Old and Used (and Cheap) Books

There are so many books out there that you’ve never seen but still want to read. But maybe they’re too expensive to ‘try out’. Well then there’s a perfect solution for you: buy used books.

Some of them are still in a good condition and as long as you can read them, it should be fine.

When I visited Brussels last January I found two old original Jules Verne books for only $10 — that’s such a bargain. They were in pretty good conditions as well.

Or when I came home last week, there was a box with used goods in our street that you can take out for free and there was (again) an old Jules Verne book.

Must have been my lucky month.

This way you collect a lot of books that you might want to read. There’s always some book out there for you that interests you enough to pick it up.

Wrapping Up

These tips and tricks only work when you actively practice them — so pick up a book, read for ten minutes, and plan your next reading session for the day.

After that, you can register on Goodreads to make your reading challenge complete and enter the books you want to read.

And if you’ve read all the books on your bookshelves — go out and find used books that might deserve a second life in your hands.

Good luck.

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