Don’t Use These Productivity Tips

Bryan Dijkhuizen

In 2021 I was primarily focused on getting more productive, and although I must admit that I’ve improved my productivity by a lot, there are always productivity tips and habits that don’t work.

These things were useless and kept me off my work for most of the time, instead of making me more productive, they probably decreased my level of productivity.

The fact that a lot of people tell you to do something because it’s the best advice doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true or that it works.

Here 4 productivity tips that didn’t work for me.

1. Stop Multitasking

Probably one of the biggest cliches in the land of productivity is to ‘stop’ multitasking.

It’s not only a very vague concept but also not always very necessary. Stress can spur you on to greater levels of productivity. When you’re stressed you get creative.

You find ways to accomplish all the tasks you have to by combining multiple things: multitasking.

In the end, you can even save time for other things to do.

2. Using Technology For Every Single Task

Okay, I get it. Technology is evolving and in some scenarios, we can’t go without it.

Yet, some people are exaggerating it.

As an example, I usually have more fun setting up all kinds of productivity apps than actually executing the task. Using a planner and a timer is usually enough to get productive in a session of work.

Especially when you’re working on an electronic device (which is likely nowadays), you are easily distracted.

3. You Don’t Need To Wake Up At 5 AM

Did you notice this entrepreneurship wave that told everybody to wake up at 5 AM when they wanted to be productive? It annoyed me.

I tried it for a while and I couldn’t even keep up 1 day.

Yes, you can be more productive when you wake up at 5 am and get the work done before noon but this only works if you’re already a morning person — some people just aren’t and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It doesn’t matter if you do the work in the morning or the evening, every person has their peak of productivity at different moments.

Find out what suits you.

4. Taking Breaks All Over The Place

Okay, this is a controversial one — even for me.

In one of my latest articles, I explain the 30/5 method that tells us to work for 30 minutes and then pause for 5.

Are 5 minutes too many, too little, or just enough to re-energize? I think it’s pertinently better than working for an hour and taking a break for 15 minutes with the risk of staying in that relaxation vibe.

When you’re feeling productive you tend to go on for while, sometimes even hours — this can work for you if you know how to keep your energy and focus healthy.

For most people, it doesn’t work — they need a distraction.

Just a short period of distraction helps you recharge and then you’re able to work further for just the right amount of time — like your phone is charged.

Wrapping Up

So not every so-called professional productivity tip is necessary to achieve productivity. In many cases, they don’t work.

Why? Because they’re not made for everybody.

You need to find out what suits you and what works best for you. Otherwise, productivity tips are useless.

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