Opinion: The Hypocrisy in Right-Wing Politicians That Don't Judge Putin

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Nobody missed out on the Russian army invading parts of Ukraine this morning and bombing their military locations all over the country. Putin is violating Ukraine's borders and its nation-state.

Many right-wing politicians in the US, Europe, and all around the world like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage are blaming NATO and the UN for this Russian invasion.

Whatever you think of NATO and the United Nations, what Putin does right now is not good. But it’s a difficult situation.

But the hypocrisy with those right-wing politicians that always talk and brag about the defense of their borders and nation-states are now telling it’s okay Putin invades the borders of Ukraine.

One of the reasons they give is that Ukraine isn’t a ‘real’ nation-state but a collection of refugees.

I bet the Ukrainian people think otherwise.

The Significance of Borders

Last year, I read ‘The Significance of Borders’, written by Dutch politician and author Thierry Baudet.

His most known work is this book that has been published in many different languages including Dutch and French. Many right-wing voters in the Netherlands like his work and view on the world — especially when it comes down to nation-states in borders.

But also he is supporting Putin.

In his book, he is elaborating on why countries have borders and how these nation-states were founded in the 18th-19th century.

He concludes that democracy can only function well if there is some form of Nationalism in the heads of the population.

So then I wonder, why would you support a leader that invades countries and violates their borders?

Putin Tries to Rebuild the Soviet Union

We know that Putin is trying to regain land that once belonged to the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

Crimea has been a target for a long time.

Now must be said that when Ukraine and the EU signed the European Union–Ukraine Association Agreement after the population of EU massively voted against this agreement they poked the bear.

And you should not poke the bear. Definitely not when it’s a Russian bear named Vladimir.

The right has been warning for a Russian eruption for a long time (since 2014–2016) and nobody thought it would happen but here we are now being in a relatively unnecessary war.

It’s a war between the US, UN, NATO, and Russia. That is fought on Ukrainian land in the backyard of European countries that don’t want war. Like me, I’m not looking forward to waking up to a rocket launcher in my garden.

Or gas prices, when the EU says it will sanction Russia — they’ll shut down the gas pipeline and the European countries that are independent of it will pay massively.

So there are only losers.

Wrapping Up

With the world on the edge of a new war and perhaps a global one it’s the question of what the future will look like since Putin isn't holding back his troops and Ukraine is fighting for their territory.

War is a great way for weapon manufacturers, banks, and governments to earn a lot of money over the backs of innocent civilians.

The world doesn’t want another pointless war like the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq and these politicians don’t seem to learn it, from Bush to Biden — all they’re after is war.

And they’ll leave the world ruined.

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