Opinion: Russia Has Started a New War Era — But They Are Open for Conversation

Bryan Dijkhuizen

The recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced me to take a stance on Putin and Russia in general about their part in the world — but I will not take a clear stance as I think there are several good arguments to come up with from both of the sides.

Here’s why.

If Russia takes Ukraine, it will be disastrous

At the time of writing, Russian troops are near the capital city of Kyiv. If they manage to take over the capital they will remove the government from their position and put their ‘own’ people in.

From that moment, Ukraine will be a satellite state again.

But there have been signals that the Russian government wants to start negotiating with Ukraine about their role as a buffer between Russia and the NATO countries in Europe and the West.

When Ukraine would turn down its weapons and stop fighting, Russia would be open to conversation.

No inch to the East

On the 10th of February 1990, James Baker, who was the then secretary of state of the United States, promised the president of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO wouldn’t move an inch to the east.

Since that day, NATO has done only one thing and that is a move towards the east. With a Ukrainian membership of NATO, the buffer between Russia and the West would be gone.

That broken promise of the West could be a reason for Putin to be aggressive but it isn’t an excuse of course. I can only condemn the Russian invasion but I must say that I understand the reasoning behind it.

So considering all this I must admit that I don’t want to take a stance on this.

But the ease of some world leaders that idolize Putin is something that bothers me though.

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What’s next?

What’s going to happen next

There are a couple of scenarios possible now. The first one is that Russia takes Ukraine by attacking the capital city and making Ukraine a satellite state again.

Another option is rather unlikely and that is that Ukraine fights back and regains its land.

But the best solution for all of the world is probably the conversation between Russia and Ukraine about the buffer function of Ukraine. I think this way nobody gets hurt and peace in the world can be restored.

If this conflict gets to an end shortly we must reconsider the role of our politicians, they are weaker than ever — Putin doesn’t care what Biden says, and neither does China by the way.

Did Putin Start a new war era?

It’s been peaceful in Europe since the end of the Cold War in 1991 but now it seems that the evil of Russia has returned in the form of Vladimir Putin.

Is this the enemy the world was ‘waiting’ for over 30 years?

Russia has the capability of starting a nuclear war, they have many nukes on their territory and they are now fighting in a country that has a history of nuclear disasters and they won’t step back for this — the outcome can be disastrous for all of the worlds.

But what’s the role of China?

It is likely that China will help Russia in its ideological battle against the West and NATO.

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