US Wants Diplomacy To Solve The Russia-Ukraine Problem; National Security Advisor Warns For A Possible Russian Threat

Bryan Dijkhuizen

While the United States is strongly committed to finding a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine problem, the White House national security adviser has once again raised the possibility of a Russian invasion of the country in question.

The Ukraine situation is currently characterized by relativistic sounds: it is believed that the likelihood of war is rather low.

According to security adviser Jake Sullivan, Putin has amassed a large enough number of troops at the border with Ukraine that the country may invade at any time.

Additionally, Sullivan stated on US talk stations, "Alternatively, Russia can opt to follow the diplomatic road instead."

Sullivan adds that all options, including communication, are still on the table. However, he asserts that there is a very real risk that Russia would act aggressively in response.

Sullivan's comments came a day after US authorities claimed Russia had amassed almost 70% of the military force it would require to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on its borders.

Since the end of last year, Russia has been steadily increasing the size of its military presence on the Ukrainian border. According to the United States, the country has amassed more than 100,000 troops at the border with Mexico.

Russia seeks, among other things, a guarantee that Ukraine would never become a member of the European Union.

Also demanded by the government is that NATO withdraws from all countries that were once considered to be inside the Russian'sphere of influence' during the Cold War.

President Putin has stated that if that guarantee is not met, action will be taken against the violators.

Western countries are concerned that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for an invasion of Ukraine, although Putin has always denied having such plans.

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