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Rain and Snowfall Expected for the Portland Area Today; Thick Fog Forecast for Friday Morning

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Today's rain and snow will be brought by an upper trough, however, the showers will become more scattered by the evening.

High pressure will develop over the area tonight, and our weather will remain mostly dry and moderate through the weekend and into the week.

As valley inversions begin to form today, patches of thick fog may develop each night starting tonight, and the air quality may deteriorate this weekend and into early next week as a consequence of this.

From tonight through Saturday. The most recent hydrograph for the Grays River at Rosburg shows that the river is fast receding, and we should be able to lift the alert once the next round of readings arrives about 2:30 AM.

Rainfall Expected

Even though temperatures in Odell and the Hood River Heights are still 32 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, warmer air is beginning to move into the higher reaches of the Hood River Valley.

With more consistent precipitation on the way this morning, there is some cause for worry about the possibility of freezing rain in that region, and some model soundings agree.

Having said that, temperatures are very marginal for freezing rain and should continue to moderate as the morning unfolds.

Consequently, we estimate minimal to no effect from freezing rain in the Hood River Valley this morning, but the possibility should be kept in mind as we monitor the situation.

Thick Fog Expected for Friday Morning

As our upper trough pushes into the Rockies, high pressure begins to develop across the area tonight and into Friday.

This might result in some thick fog later tonight or early Friday morning, but generally dry weather and temperatures that are near or above-average should continue over the weekend.

Friday, a cool surface high-pressure system will move into eastern Washington and Oregon, accompanied by a trough of low pressure along the coast.

This will bring brisk east winds through the Gorge and northerly breezes throughout the Willamette Valley, according to the forecast. Valley inversions may remain throughout the day, resulting in fog, particularly in the southern Willamette Valley Friday night and Saturday early, according to weather forecasters.

The higher ridge, on the other hand, is transient and will flatten down on Saturday, which may be enough to prevent permanent inversions from developing elsewhere.

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