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Snow and Rain Showers Forecast for Seattle Area Today

Bryan Dijkhuizen

This morning, there is an upper-level trough moving across the region. Showers are expected to continue throughout the day as a system moves into Oregon. Snow levels are still at a low level.

A warm front moved up from the southwest on Wednesday night, causing snow levels to rise fast everywhere except the Northwest Interior and Cascade foothills, where they remained stable.

On Thursday, a warm front will stall over Western Washington. A lingering cold front is expected to arrive Friday.

With an upper-level ridge attempting to form over the region, there is a possibility of drying over the weekend.

A trough in the upper atmosphere is heading into Western Washington early this morning, according to satellite images.

With the trough, there is a lot of shower action. At 3 a.m./11 a.m., temperatures were in the 30s and mid-40s, with just a few spots reaching or falling below freezing.

This morning, there is an upper-level trough moving across the region. Lower than normal snow levels remain, preventing the stronger storms from sending the snow level quickly down to the surface scenario this morning.

Even if the showers are strong enough to generate snow, anticipate any accumulations to be less than an inch in the lowland areas. A strong westerly push behind the trough is holding snow in the Cascades throughout the day, and the Cascades will continue to get snow.

For today and tonight, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for the Cascade Mountains.

Showers are expected in Oregon later this afternoon, and the system is near enough to Western Washington to maintain showers in the forecast.

Temperatures are expected to rise somewhat this afternoon, with highs reaching 40 degrees.

This will reduce the likelihood that heavier rains may generate snow on the ground at the surface.

Because the air mass will be fairly unstable today, with good lapse rates around the coast, the possibility of thunderstorms has been maintained from approximately the Olympic Mountains westward through the end of the week.

With a drier northwesterly flow aloft over Western Washington, the front above Oregon is expected to move eastward tonight. In the lowlands, the likelihood of precipitation decreases overnight.

The flow aloft is also reducing, which will result in decreased snow rates in the Cascades after midnight. The Winter Weather Advisory for the Cascades will be lifted at 6 a.m. on Wednesday.

Overall, fresh snow accumulation between now and 6 a.m. Wednesday for the Cascades will range between 6 and 15 inches, with the highest accumulations expected to occur in the Central and Southern Cascades.

With this prediction package, a winter storm warning will be issued for Whatcom and San Juan counties, as well as the Cascade foothills, for Wednesday night.

The rising northeasterly or easterly winds that are keeping temperatures below freezing, along with the warm moist air mass flowing over the top, have the potential to deliver considerable snowfall in the coming days.

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