Drizzle and Fog Expected for New York

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While a weak high-pressure system sweeps over New England, a stationary front will stay to the south into Friday. As we enter the New Year, a low-pressure system is predicted to affect the area, with a cold front sweeping over the region on Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday will see a return of high pressure. As the surface high moves away from the coast and into the northeast, the winds begin to change to the south/southwest.

This will result in a little rise in waa during the night, and the region will remain under cloud cover.

Because of the light winds and low-level moisture, patchy fog is expected to return Thursday night into Friday early. Because of the southerly flow, Friday seems to be mostly dry in between systems, but it will remain gloomy throughout the day.

Surface low pressure is expected to arrive from the southwest late Friday night, increasing the likelihood of precipitation overnight.

The high temperatures for Friday are expected to be in the mid-to-upper 40s and low 50s, which is above typical.

In addition, the NBM interquartile range for maximum temperatures is relatively narrow for the timeframe, on the order of 37 - 39 degrees, which adds confidence to the above-normal temperatures that are predicted.

Conditions will remain unsettled today due to the presence of a stationary front in the southeast. A trough of low pressure has passed far offshore and along the border with the Atlantic Ocean.

The presence of a few weak waves flowing along the boundary, as well as some shortwave energy moving to our north, will very certainly occur. Low-level moisture is expected to persist throughout the day, resulting in the possibility of light rain and/or drizzle throughout the day.

Some fog is also possible, and any thick fog that was earlier to the northwest of the NYC metro area has mostly dissipated.

High temperatures should be close to, or even a degree or two above, those seen on Wednesday, with substantial cloud cover making recovery from the heat difficult.

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