Snow Showers Alongside Moderate Winds Forecast for Wyoming Today

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Some orographic snow showers are possible in the western mountains today due to zonal flow, but otherwise, most locations seem to be calm for the first time in many days, according to forecasts.

A shortwave is spinning at the base of the large longwave trough over the Four Corners area, and it is affecting the United States. Consequently, we may expect brisk WSW winds to blow throughout the typical Wind Corridor.

Most of the precipitation associated with this shortwave will continue to our south throughout Utah and Colorado, however, some snow showers may occur in the Sierra Madre and Medicine Bow Mountains, which are east of our location.

As a result of the 700Mb flow, there will be no need for any high-wind highlights since the winds will not be strong enough aloft to mix down to the surface, despite the presence of some excellent downsloping signatures on the Absarokas and Wind Rivers.

Models are also hinting at this signature on the Bighorns and Casper Mountains, although it is not as distinct as it is on the Casper Mountains, which is likely owing to model resolution limitations.

The next front will begin to slide into Idaho by Wednesday afternoon, which will enhance snow shower activity across the western United States Wednesday night when the front moves into the area during the evening and nighttime hours.

In a similar vein to the last few days, the chance remains for snow bands to form off the lee side of mountains as the front comes through, but as we've mentioned several times, the formation of these bands is very difficult to anticipate.

The chilly temperatures are going to be the second big theme over the next two days. This morning, several locations had lows close to or below zero.

The temperatures, although somewhat colder than average for this time of year, are not unusual for this time of year despite the fact that it seems fairly chilly following a relatively warm first few months of winter.

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