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Heavy Showers & Thunderstorms Expected on the West Coast This Weekend

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Weather conditions will be unsettled across the region, with intervals of rain expected through Sunday morning. This morning's snow levels will stay high, but they will decrease dramatically overnight and through Saturday morning.

Temperatures in the area will likely be substantially below average. More rain and mountain snow are forecast for the next week.

The massive, slow-moving moisture plume has been driven to the south and east of the region, and the period of continuous rain has come to a close. The weather for today will be influenced by a chilly upper low-pressure system about 80 miles southwest of Pt Conception.

There will be a significant amount of PVA and some divergence aloft due to the Southwestern flow ahead of the upper low. The cold air in the upper atmosphere will destabilize the atmosphere.

This morning's weather will be characterized by frequent heavy showers and a fair chance of Thunderstorms.

Even though rainfall quantities will be more heterogeneous, most places will get an extra quarter inch or so, with local amounts reaching a half-inch or more during the stronger showers or Thunderstorms.

Because there is a less than 10% chance of a direct impact by a Thunderstorm this morning, the hazard to the recent burn regions is low but not nil. Heavy showers may cause snow levels to drop to 6000 feet, locally to 5500 feet, in the mountainous areas above 6500 feet.

A few inches of snowfall is possible in mountainous areas over 6500 feet.

The upper low is moving a bit quicker than projected, and it will expand up into a trot and surge into the region by late morning or early afternoon today.

The NVA and drier air will bring clearing skies and considerably drier weather. However, a stray shower cannot be ruled out, especially in the southeastern half of Los Angeles County.

A cool day is a forecast with maximum temperatures on the coastlines and valleys a few degrees on each side of 60 degrees, or around 10 degrees below usual.

The weather will be dry and chilly by Saturday morning, but a fast-moving and much colder storm will bring more clouds to the area in the afternoon.

Afternoon rain will become more probable on the Central Coast later in the afternoon.

Another chilly day, with high temperatures in the 50s for most of the region's population.

It is expected that this system will pass across the region fast Saturday night and Sunday early. This system is cooler and much less wet than the one that passed through yesterday.

Rainfall quantities will be mainly in the half-inch range, with local half-inch to inch amounts in some of the more favored upslope sites in some cases. In comparison, snow levels will be substantially lower, approximately 5000' for most of the event before decreasing to 3000' Sunday morning and maybe lower yet on Monday.

Above 6500 feet, it is possible to get 6 to 12 inches of snow. Because of the lower snow levels, there will not be much moisture leftover on Sunday morning.

Still, minor snow accumulations are likely down to 3000', particularly on north-facing slopes, especially in the afternoon. As a result, there may be significant traffic congestion on Sunday in the Grapevine for anyone traveling through the area the day after the holidays.

The skies should clear quite fast later in the morning, and there should be a good deal of sunlight in the late afternoon and evening. The temperature will be a few degrees colder, with maximum temperatures only reaching the lower to mid-50s.

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