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Big Amounts of Snow Forecasted for Spokane on Christmas

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Following a pleasant and windy Thursday, temperatures will drop significantly over the weekend, with several bouts of snow possible. Spokane, the Palouse, northeast Washington, and north Idaho all have a good chance of light snow on Christmas.

Temperatures will be pretty chilly next week, with the possibility of snow showers continuing.

Cold air remains deep and entrenched throughout the east slopes of the Cascade Mountains, affecting Wenatchee, Chelan, and the Okanogan Valley from tonight through Friday. Temperatures in other parts of the country have risen above freezing and are expected to stay so throughout the night.

Because of this, the small precipitation storm coming across the area this evening will bring a variety of precipitation types with it.

Generally, light snow will fall in the Cascade Mountains and surrounding valleys, with some freezing rain also likely.

Rain will be the predominant precipitation type east of around Moses Lake. Several areas along the British Columbia border may see an inch or two of snow this winter.

Southwesterly winds will pick up speed in their wake and become rather gusty.

When combined with the milder afternoon temperatures, we could see a significant amount of snowmelt in the lower altitudes this week. Some areas may see complete thawing of their snow, putting their chances of having a white Christmas in jeopardy. The dew points are dropping, which may be the one saving grace.

Even in the presence of above-freezing temperatures and strong winds, this might aid in the reduction of snowmelt in some instances.

Cooler air will come in on Friday, but even then, many valleys will barely get above freezing throughout the midday hours in several areas of the country.

However, with temperatures consistently in the 20s, snow will be the predominant precipitation type everywhere, with the possible exception of the L-C valley.

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