Snow Showers Expected for New York Tonight

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Up to an inch of lake effect snow is anticipated throughout parts of Central New York until tonight. Several mild disturbances will move across the area throughout the rest of the week, bringing the possibility of scattered snow showers with them.

Afterward, a more powerful storm is expected to arrive this weekend, increasing the likelihood of extensive precipitation.

Despite the light snow showers staying a bit longer than projected, just a few forecasts predicted them to make it this far south. The RAP looked to be the most appropriate guideline to follow in this situation. As a result, PoPs were expanded and strengthened across the southern hemisphere.

This passing cold front is bringing snow showers to the Tug Hill Plateau and the Finger Lakes region, which will continue for the rest of the day. Snowfall will be light, while visibility may be impaired for a short period. PoPs seemed to be on track, so only minor tweaks were required throughout the following few hours.

An SPS was issued for a couple of hours due to the possibility of freezing drizzle in places on the verge of becoming ice-covered. Road temperatures were also lower earlier in the morning, but they are already warming up and will not be an issue in the late morning.

It will be possible to switch from snow showers to lake effect snow showers during the afternoon after these snow showers have passed through. For the time being, the quantities seem appropriate; nevertheless, we will reassess them during the afternoon update.

The skies above the Catskills and Poconos remain clear, and the sky cover has been adjusted to reflect this. The remainder of the forecast for the morning seemed to be favorable, so there was no need to make any significant adjustments.

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