Heavy Wind Forecasted For Denver and the Rest of Central Colorado

Bryan Dijkhuizen

A moderate west to north flow trend will influence Colorado from now until tomorrow.

In the water vapor picture, a fast-moving upper of is seen rushing through the northern plains states, leaving Colorado under a more subsidence airmass and a modest cooling at 700MB over the northeast plains.

Temperatures above the Front Range have been relatively stable, with readings hovering around 60 degrees with some downslope warming.

There is a significant amount of wave cloudiness over the Front Range this morning, but it seems that most of it will disperse this afternoon as upstream moisture decreases in volume.

Fire weather issues and high and gusty winds across the mountains and foothills will have the most effective today.

This morning's cross-sections reveal 40-55kt of cross barrier flow, with a bit of drop in the afternoon's cross-sections.

There is some mountain top stability this morning to help with the heavier winds, but this stable layer begins to thin out in the late morning and early afternoon. Generally speaking, the setup for amplified mountain waves is poor, and it is unlikely to produce any high-wind highlights.

According to current measurements, wind gusts are in the 35-55 mph range, and the forecast for the remainder of the morning is for winds in the same range.

It's possible to witness a few isolated, stronger gusts of up to 70 mph overexposed places that are very favorable.

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