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Strong Winds & Rain Expected; Temperatures Forecasted To Decrease

Bryan Dijkhuizen

According to the data, satellite photography showed three important blocked circulation areas this morning.

One-off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, one concentrated over northern Manitoba, and one moving over the lower Mississippi Valley area.

A massive high-pressure region dominated the central Plains at the surface, exerting influence over the weather. Aside from that, clear skies dominated the skyline of the whole area.

The most serious concern in the immediate future is expected to be strong winds this afternoon. According to forecasters, an expected shortwave will emerge from Canada and proceed over the Dakotas into the upper Midwest.

Early this afternoon, a cold front associated with it is likely to surge into the CWA, with winds gradually moving from the south to the northwest as the front moves in.

Due to a tight pressure gradient across the area. Some gusts surpass warning criteria briefly, mostly over the northern CWA.

Additionally, proper mixing will aid in preventing a large decrease in temperatures. The truth is that the highs this afternoon will continue to be far above average.

For the most part, forecasts predict that the majority of precipitation will occur north of the CWA until at least next Tuesday, with the remainder of the forecast remaining dry.

A fair signal for light snow is seen over the northern CWA, and it seems to be widespread. Shortwave activity on Friday night/Saturday morning was related to the event.

As a result of this, we will launch minor POPs. Then, in early Sunday morning, both the CMC and the ECM predict precipitation development around the northern and eastern CWAs.

However, a lack of trust will prevent any adjustments from being implemented at this time.

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