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Snowfall Forecasted with Temperatures Around 15-20 Degrees Below Average

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Today, snow will accumulate throughout most of central and eastern Washington and the Idaho Panhandle, according to the National Weather Service. Most of the Inland Northwest will have mostly sunny skies on Tuesday.

Wednesday & Christmas

On Wednesday, light snow and rain will become more widespread over the country. Temperatures will be lower on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with the possibility of light snow. Next week can be very cold, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 15 degrees below normal.

Additionally, Stevens Pass, located in the central Washington Cascades, will have bouts of snow throughout the day.

After bringing snow to most of our area over the weekend, the front will return as a warm front, which will serve as the focal point for bands of light snow to develop.

Disturbance from British Columbia

Due to a disturbance descending from British Columbia, the front will make minimal northward movement this afternoon as it approaches the Canadian border.

Another blast of dry and frosty Canadian air is predicted to stream into north-central and northeast Washington tonight, as the northern branch of the Polar Jet is expected to shear our front apart by nightfall.

Weather advisories are in force for parts of southeast Washington, including the Palouse, Blue Mountains, and Pomeroy region, in anticipation of an additional 2 to 4 inches of snowfall.

It is anticipated that similar quantities will be received in the lowlands of the Idaho Palouse, the Silver Valley, and southern Shoshone county. This morning, the Coeur d'Alene region has been added to the Flood Advisory for 1 to 3-inch quantities of rain expected today.

Snow in Spokane

It seems like the bulk of Spokane will get less than 2 inches of snow, with the most substantial bands of snow continuing to the south and east of the city at this time.

We'll also need to watch the temperatures in the air and on the roads today. For a few hours this afternoon, untreated roadways may reach temperatures over freezing.

In the late afternoon, roads that have been clogged with wet snow or slush may turn treacherous as the sun begins to set.

On Thursday, bursts of moderate to heavy snow created chaos on the roads throughout the afternoon and evening, resulting in a horrendous evening commute.

Although the severity of the snow with today's warm front is not predicted to cause the sort of convective bursts that we had last Thursday, some untreated roadways may still get pretty slippery late this afternoon and tonight in regions that receive a few inches of snow today.

Lower Temperatures

Low temperatures Tonight and Tomorrow in the single digits are expected in Republic, Colville, Metaline, and Priest Lake, thanks to a gentle swell of cool Canadian air tonight and Tuesday afternoon. Pullman, Wenatchee, and Moses Lake are expected to remain in the 20s due to lingering clouds throughout southeast Washington and the Columbia Basin, along with the remains of our frontal system.

Bands of light snow will stay throughout the high terrain of the central Idaho Panhandle tonight and into Tuesday as residual frontal moisture is carried over the rising terrain in the northwest flow, which will bring the temperature down.

An upper-level trough sharpens off the coast, bringing moisture from the Pacific into our area, and our next bout of widespread light snow will come Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

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