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Cloud Covers Forecasted for Chicago on Sunday; Wind Gusts Develop on Monday

Bryan Dijkhuizen

A ridge of high pressure is continuing to creep into the area tonight, causing an inversion to form over the region as a result. This inversion has been possible to retain a shallow moisture layer, which has contributed to the persistence of cloud cover that has been witnessed over the region this evening.

As a result of the feeble flow beneath the ridge, forecast soundings show that the inversion will linger through the day Sunday, with largely gloomy skies predicted during the daylight hours.

As the ridge travels across the region, the inversion is predicted to decrease Sunday evening, allowing the clouds to disintegrate and the area to partly cover a largely clear sky for Sunday night and early Monday morning.

After passing through, the ridge will shift the winds back to the southwest Sunday afternoon, where they will continue to pick up pace as the inversion as mentioned above fades, and the low-level flow strengthens behind it. After sunset, winds will continue to rise, with gusts reaching 20-25 mph continuing into the early morning of Monday day.

Over the next several days, temperatures will be seasonal, with highs in the mid to upper 30s on Sunday and around 40 degrees on Monday, and nightly lows in the mid to upper 20s on Sunday night and Monday morning.

Dry and fairly seasonable weather will continue to be predicted through the middle of the week, with temperatures much above normal forecast near the conclusion of the week.

Because of the warm forecast temperatures, any possible precipitation late in the period does not seem to be in the form of accumulating snow at this time.

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