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Average Temperatures in Nashville; Some Showers and Fog Forecasted

Bryan Dijkhuizen

In some areas of the Plateau, there are a few lingering showers, and patchy fog is forming in places that have recently received rain. Aside from that, the remainder of the region has been cleaned of the shower's lingering effects.

The majority of the region has already seen temperatures in the 40s, with a few locations even in the high 30s. Throughout the night, temperatures will continue to drop, with a small rise in temperature throughout the day.

Otherwise, anticipate a dry outlook for the foreseeable future, with the next possibility of showers arriving on Friday being much more doubtful than usual.

A low-pressure system will travel up the Gulf Coastline by midweek, but most of the moisture will remain to our south.

Behind this low-pressure system, a very weak ridge is beginning to build, likely holding rain chances at bay in the coming hours. Because a few models are predicting a return of precipitation on Friday and Saturday, there is a modest probability of showers for the time being.

The year 2021 is not looking promising for those hoping for a white Christmas, as temperatures are expected to be much too warm for any mention of snow.

As a result of the cold front moving through, high temperatures will be a few degrees below average today; however, temperatures will typically remain around normal until at least midweek.

By Thursday, temperatures will begin to rise gradually each day, with temperatures anticipated to reach the 60s by Friday and the following weekend.

The low nighttime temperatures will be in the 20s to 30s for the next several nights, which continues the trend.

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