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Foot of Snow Forecasted; Average Temperatures around 20s-30s

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Cloudy and seasonably chilly conditions will prevail today, with afternoon temperatures reaching the 30s.

On Wednesday, a powerful storm system will dump heavy snow above the Cascade crest and in the Idaho Panhandle, as well as strong winds over the Columbia Basin, the Palouse, and the West Plains, according to the National Weather Service.

Up to a foot of snow is expected to fall over the Cascades and in parts of the Idaho Panhandle until Thursday night. A more significant storm system expected to arrive over the weekend will bring heavy mountain snow, snow that will convert to rain in the lowlands, and windy weather to the region.

A lull in the action of storm systems. Flurries will continue to occur in the Idaho Panhandle due to deep boundary layer moisture and weak isentropic ascent into the region. This very light precipitation may fall into extreme eastern Washington. However, it is projected that there will be very little if any, more snow accumulation.

This morning, surface temperatures over most of northeast Washington and into the Idaho Panhandle were in the 20s, with occasional patches of black ice creating treacherous travel conditions.

The following system, which is expected to arrive on Wednesday, will increase southwesterly flow and warm air advection.

Because of this, temperatures will gradually rise throughout the afternoon and into the evening, with many places not reaching their day's highs until well after midnight.

It will continue to rise tonight and into Wednesday night ahead of the next front system, pushing south over northern British Columbia and into the Yukon early this afternoon. It will be powered by a relatively strong jet streak in the upper levels of the atmosphere over the eastern Pacific, located near the 45-degree latitude line.

A light dusting of snow is also expected, with the most significant accumulations expected in the early morning hours of Wednesday, followed by a constant light dusting through the day and into the night.

The total accumulations do not entirely satisfy the requirements for a warning, and we may need a snow advisory at some time.

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