Ron DeSantis (FL) Wants To Offer Money To Businesses That Oppose Vaccine Mandates

Bryan Dijkhuizen

As Florida Republicans, backed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, deepen their opposition to President Joe Biden's coronavirus vaccination requirement, they are experimenting with a new tactic to encourage opponents: providing government money to those who have not been vaccinated against the virus.

Floridians who reject the injection will be entitled to unemployment benefits if they lose their jobs as a result of their decision, according to a new law passed by the state legislature in January.

State legislatures in Iowa, Kansas, and Tennessee, all controlled by Republicans, have followed suit.

A few months ago, a majority of Americans resided in a state that gave individuals cash or other incentives in exchange for being vaccinated against the coronavirus, but that has changed dramatically.

Democrat and Republican governors in more than a dozen states have introduced lotteries, offering the newly vaccinated a chance to win a sum of up to $1 million, and in some cases even more.

However, DeSantis's push to use taxpayer money to compensate people who refuse to comply with vaccine mandates is the latest example of vaccines' rapidly shifting politics.

And it could serve as a model for other Republican leaders seeking to align themselves with an increasingly vocal minority of Americans who are refusing to get the shot.

As a prospective presidential candidate in 2024 and one of his party's most popular personalities, Governor DeSantis has often set the tone for other Republican governors in dealing with the outbreak and opposing the Biden administration.

"This is an important fight," DeSantis recently told business leaders. "And it's a fight we're happy to join."

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