Court Grants Trump Delay In Releasing the January 6th Documents

Bryan Dijkhuizen
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Former President Donald Trump's plea to temporarily prevent the release of White House records to legislators investigating the fatal Capitol attack was granted by a federal appeals court on Thursday.

The court decision came just one day before the National Archives was supposed to start handing over those data to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 terrorist attack.

However, that step has been put on hold as the appeals court evaluates the issue on a compressed timeline, with an oral argument scheduled for Nov. 30.

In mid-October, Trump filed a lawsuit against the committee, claiming that it was pursuing a set of records from his time as president.

Jesse Binnall, Trump's lawyer, contended that many of the documents are covered by executive privilege, a legal tenet that enables some executive branch conversations to remain private.

President Joe Biden, on the other hand, refused to assert executive privilege in the case of the disputed documents.

On Tuesday night, Judge Tanya Chutkan dismissed Binnall's argument.

Chutkan agreed with the House committee that the current president's viewpoint counts more than his or her predecessor's in disputes over executive privilege.

She also disagreed with Binnall's assertion that keeping the documents secret was in the public interest.

"The court believes that the public interest rests in allowing — not enforcing — the united will of the legislative and executive branches to analyze the events leading up to and happening on January 6, and to draft legislation to prevent such events from ever occurring again," Chutkan wrote.

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