Former President Obama Says "Time is running out" About Climate Change Action

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Former President Barack Obama encouraged international leaders on Monday to step up efforts to address climate change, citing Republicans and the Trump administration's aggressive opposition against climate science.

The former president slammed former President Donald Trump and other Republicans for overturning Obama-era initiatives and impeding comprehensive congressional action on climate change in an address in Glasgow, Scotland.

Obama claimed he would have done more during his eight years in office if he had a steady legislative majority determined to act. He said he lacked that majority for much of his term.

“When it comes to climate, time really is running out. We have not done nearly enough to address this crisis,” Obama said during the conference, with John Kerry, his former secretary of state and now President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, in the audience.
Despite “four years of active hostility toward climate science coming from the very top of our federal government,” Obama said, the U.S. wound up meeting its original commitment under the Paris Agreement.
"Gaining such majorities require an engaged citizenry willing to do what it takes to reward politicians who take this problem seriously and send out of office those who don't,” said Obama, who said that Biden’s $1.75 trillion social safety net package, if passed, would be “historic and a huge plus for U.S. action on climate change.”

Among other things, the law would increase renewable energy tax credits and reduce carbon emissions.

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