What does the Virginia Governor Election tells us about National Politics

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Ahead of next year's midterm elections, both candidates in Virginia, as well as the current and previous Presidents, have emphasized the race's national importance.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe is hopeful that indifference among his party's voters won't impact participation in Democratic strongholds.

"The entire nation is watching this ... there's only two statewide elections this year, New Jersey and Virginia, and all eyes are on Virginia. The nation needs us to vote for them too," Republican Glenn Youngkin declared

Virginia and New Jersey, which vote a year after the presidential election, are generally considered referendums.

He's had a rough summer and has failed to accomplish his enormous social expenditure and infrastructure ambitions.

A McAuliffe defeat would be a tragedy for Democrats and an indication of voter apathy.

The fact that Democrats captured the White House and both houses of Congress for a year would be considered as a warning sign by many Democrats.

This state's demographic makeup is a microcosm of America with prosperous suburbs, diversified rural areas, and largely African American voting blocs in Richmond and along the coast.

Now maybe the moment for a Republican governor to retake the state. President Obama's popularity ratings have dipped into the mid-to-low 40s in recent months.

Last year, Trump was a significant motivator for Democratic, independent, and disillusioned moderate GOP voters.

Although McAuliffe has portrayed Youngkin as a clone of the previous President, he is not on the ballot.

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