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Donald Trump criticises the Jefferson Statue Removal

Bryan Dijkhuizen
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On Tuesday, former President Trump expressed his displeasure over the removal of a monument of Thomas Jefferson from New York City Hall, claiming that Jefferson was being evicted from the city's legislative chamber.

The Public Design Commission of New York City decided overwhelmingly on Monday to remove an old monument that had been in the city council chambers of the building for years and to reinstall it somewhere.

“Well, it’s finally happened. The late, great Thomas Jefferson, one of our most important Founding Fathers, and a principal writer of the Constitution of the United States, is being 'evicted' from the magnificent New York City Council Chamber,” Trump said in a statement.

A long-running dispute about the Jefferson monument, which centered on the fact that Jefferson was a slave owner, culminated in the decision to remove it.

Before launching an assault on Democrats, Trump said that the removal of the Jefferson statue is the first in a sequence of actions that will have an impact on the legacies of many important United States leaders.

“Who would have thought this would ever be possible (I did, and called it long ago!). Next up, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and, of course, George Washington,” Trump said.
“The Radical Left has gone crazy, and it’s hurting our Country badly—But someday soon, sane people will be back, and our Country will be respected again!” he added.

It has been said that removing statues of contentious people, particularly Confederate monuments, would obliterate the history and culture of the United States.

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