Texas Transgender Students are now going to be Banned from School Sports after new Bill

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Transgender student-athletes would be barred from participating on school sports teams that correspond to their gender identity under a bill that was approved by the Texas House on Sunday by a vote of 76 to 61.

The bill will now go to Gov. Greg Abbott after the Senate accepted amendments to the legislation.

Critics of the law, including transgender supporters, claim that it unjustly targets transgender children and puts both transgender and cisgender children at danger of discrimination.

With Friday's vote, the Senate became the sixth chamber this year to approve legislation aimed at increasing transgender students' participation in school sports.

During this year's legislative sessions, Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick campaigned for passage of the measure.

With the passage of HB 25, Texas will join a group of at least five other states that have enacted similar legislation.

As a result of legislative failures in the lower house during the regular session and two following extraordinary sessions, which included a quorum break, legislators faced a significant challenge this year in getting legislation passed through the lower chamber.

According to House Bill 25, amended birth certificates would not be accepted, and a student's gender would have to be established by their original birth certificate unless the original document included a mistake in the clerical department.

The method by which a birth certificate will be examined to see whether it has been lawfully changed, on the other hand, is not entirely apparent.

What do you think of this? Does this go too far?

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