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In April 2021, Faith Fidel celebrated her birthday by showing a side of her that viewers didn't know. She only portrayed characters on the screens. But on her birthday, she decided to be herself.
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Faith used the money budgeted for her birthday to buy foodstuffs for the less privileged. No, she didn't visit an orphanage. She visited a neighbourhood of people who needed help. Faith explained to one of the women who eventually got emotional that she was raised by a single mother.

She was groomed by a widow. As a child, she has seen the struggles her mother had been through to provide her with a comfortable life. Other widows may be having it worse or better than her mother. But on this birthday, she was dedicated to appreciating these women who have to play both the father and mother roles in their children's lives.

Faith Fidel is a Cameroonian child actress who has gained prominence following her role in the movie ‘Fisher Man’s Diary.

Although it wasn't Faith Fidel's first time on the screens, she has gotten more popularity for her role in the movie, "Fisher man's diaries". Playing the role of a 12-year-old named Ekah, the young female character was determined about getting an education much to the heartbreak of her father, Solomon. Solomon was still battling with an experience with regards to girl education and so he'd rather die than see his daughter go to school.

This story inspired by Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousifzai is said to be something close to a true story. This movie produced Cameroon's first Official 93rd Oscars Selection. Every actor interpreted their character quite well and so did the 12 years old Faith Fidel.

Faith, who is also an athlete and acrobatic, suddenly became a household name and an inspiration to her generation. For her role in "The Fisherman's Diaries", Faith won the Best Child Actress from the International Film Festival of Ahmednagar.

In 2020, Faith bagged a Certificate of Excellence from the International Historic Festival in Hungary. Soon after, the Pápa International Historical Film Festival awarded Fidel with the Future Award as Best Young Artist in Fisherman's Diaries.

Faith Fidel has been acting since the age of 5. Her first movie was ‘Tenacity’. Faith said in one of her interviews that she was raised in a home where everyone sticks to a routine. Therefore, being a 12-year-old doesn’t matter to her. She has learned to manage her time perfectly.

Despite having to be away from family and school sometimes, the multiple award-winning actresses says she has enjoyed working with the likes of Ramsey Nouah, Onyama Laura, Stephanie Tum, Delphine Itambi, Vugar Samson, Jackie Appiah, and so many others.

The International Film Festival of London also awarded Faith Fidel as the best actress in a feature movie for her role in Fisherman's Diaries.

The producers of the movie ‘Asebeti’ in 2020, announced Faith Fidel as a cast which the young girl proclaimed was another blessing coming her way.

Having featured in another movie "Here I come from", Faith bagged 3 nominations and won an award from TAFF.

In an interview with Better Breed Cameroon, Faith advised her generation who would love to get into acting to put their mind to the dream and work hard at it. It is what gives success. She stated that "where there is a will, there is a way”

She went on to quote American rapper Nas. “we know we can be where we wanna be if we work hard at it, we’ll be where we wanna be”.

When Faith is not acting or doing her gymnastics which she would rather call a " contortion practice", she is seen dancing, singing, reading, and writing. Because she has mastered time management, Faith says she has time to study for school, study her script and even have time to play.


At 12 years old, Faith's mindset about life is beyond her years. She was raised by a woman who taught her to believe in herself and her talents to achieve her dreams.

In a photo taken at an event, Faith's mother was seen looking at her child with so much pride. She has groomed a child who is still humble despite the awards to her name.

Faith Fidel is on a mission to make Cameroon proud. She is putting the Cameroonian movie industry on another level and hopefully, the world would benefit much from her works.

Have you seen the movie ‘Fisherman’s Diaries’? What’s your view about her performance? Let us know in the comments...

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