Big Brethren Ghana: Ghana’s Version Of Big Brother Naija


Are you quite familiar with the popular Big Brother Naija? Or the competing Big Brother Cameroon?  Perhaps it’s India's Big Boss?
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Did you know that Ghana has a similar show airing?

Big Brother Naija shares the same concept with Cameroon but where does Ghana's fall?

Well, I'm as interested as you are so let's get started in knowing what the chaos of Big Brethren Ghana is all about.

The Background of Big Brethren Ghana 

The program which started with a lie on its affiliation with Multichoice Ghana is a reality show where contestants live in a house together and compete for a prize.

While maintaining their actual character, the contestants from different tribes are supposed to find favour in the eyes of the viewers to avoid eviction.

One other objective is for contestants to indirectly showcase their talents to build a healthy fan base before being evicted from the show.

The show was first launched somewhere around August or September 2020 with pictures popping up online in recent times.

Big Brethren Ghana started with 24 contestants in a small and unkempt house.

The Show And Its Reception By Ghanaians

As mentioned earlier, the Big Brethren Ghana show started as the Ghanaian version of the famous Big Brother Africa.

During the first version to be aired online, the contestants were seen comfortably sleeping on student mattresses.

This raised lots of fury on social media. Ghanaians who saw the video were pissed, considering how Nigerians treated their BB Naija with style and class.

Not long after, trolls on Twitter took about 3 days to troll Ghanaians about the disgraceful act portrayed by producers of the show.

While others backed the idea, saying it could become good with a great sponsor, most people called it a failed attempt.

Nonetheless, Big Brethren Ghana was confident enough to admit that there may be a surprise contestant still coming into the house.

Ghanaians who have watched and loved Big Brother Naija for over a decade didn't appreciate the Ghanaian version. They claimed that the show was just out to disgrace Ghana.

Controversy And Continuity 

It turns out the Big Brethren Ghana TV show is not only an ill-planned event but it also comes with some other issues.

The producers released a press statement, indicating that highlights of the show will be shown on all Ghanaian TV stations.

They further went on to List Multimedia group and other prominent Ghanaian companies as sponsors of their show.

This was a stunt to get them the needed attention and shoot them into the limelight as a reputable competition.

Well, it seemed to have worked. Because, most people who saw the first episode, did so because of the brands they saw on the flyer.

Unfortunately, it backfired when most of the companies came out to clear the air concerning their involvement in such a program.

Again, housemates of this show were seen at some point crossdressing. I mean... anything for the show, right?

But Ghanaians will have none of that. They lashed out at the team and the show as a whole for trying to promote homosexualism and transgenderism.

Currently, the show is defunct. They haven’t posted any new episodes.

The Concept And Prizes

The Big Brethren Ghana show came up with the same concept as the Big Brother Naija and Big Brother Cameroon.

The likes of Elikem Kumordzie, Eazzy, and DKB were on Big Brother Africa, many years ago.

This platform gave them the recognition they needed and it provided them with leverage for their careers, even though they didn’t win.

Final words

Hopefully, the Big Brethren Ghana show comes back with a bang...with a fresher feel and better packages.

We just can’t afford to have a show like that represent us in the league of BB Naija, BB Cameroon and the rest.

What do you think of the Big Brethren Ghana show?

Kindly let us know in the comment box below. Do you think it’s very entertaining?

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