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Salma Mumin is a Ghanaian actor who got grilled on social media for denying having a child, years back.
Ghanaian actress Salma

Turns out, she never had a child. It was pictures that the actress had taken on set while shooting an advertisement aimed at educating the public on Family Planning.

Salma, in the pictures dating back to 2013 had a baby bump and then a baby.

Abdul Mumin Umu Salma Tando hails from the Upper East Region of Ghana. The actress and producer was born on the 14th of December 1989 in Wa.

She had her basic school education at the Odorkor 1 Primary School and attended Insaaniyya Senior High School, a non-denominational secondary school based in Kasoa.

Salma with dreams for acting started the hustle of attending auditions until she finally made her debut on our screens in 2007. She was featured in the movie, "Passion and Soul".

It didn't end there. She showed some promising acting skills to Ghanaians and the movie crew decided to give her more opportunities which Salma diligently took.

Salma Mumin became a household name for eloquently living and portraying the characters she was given in various movies she acted in. She has played the perfect roles in movies such as No apology, The Will, John and John, What my wife doesn't know and many others.

For her wonderful exploits in the movie industry, she won the Papyrus Magazine Screen Actors Award, City People Movie Award in 2014 and 2016 as the best new actress.

Aside from getting advertisement gigs from Electromart, Jumbo, and Unibank, her perseverance bagged her an ambassadorial deal with Hollywood Nutrition Slim Smart.

Regarding her production skills, she has had the movie "No man's land" to speak for her. In this movie, she featured a top colleague Nikki Samonas, the ladies' man Adjetey Annan, passionate singer Wiyaala, and many other top stars.

While working with determination to reach her goals, her actions have proven that she has always had others in mind. Others particularly children who were not having it easy economically.

This is why the Salma Mumin Foundation was formed. This foundation does not only promise to donate learning materials to needy school children but also feeds about 600 children daily.

These are huge goals that Salma Mumin has set for herself. These goals have become her driving force for not just working in the entertainment industry but also branching fully into entrepreneurship.

Not long ago, the outspoken actress opened up about how her Pure Water business collapsed as a result of her Sales Executive getting duped.

Salma wasn't deterred as she currently owns an eatery called the Salma eatery which is doing quite well. As of recently, the eatery has provided over 20 Ghanaian citizens with jobs. She is making quite a change in her small way.

The movie star whose Production firm goes by the name Salma Pictures is worth over a million dollars. Truth be told, she may be one of the wealthiest females in the entertainment industry.


Aside from Ghanaians frowning down on her nudity mostly, Abdul Mumin Umu Salma Tando poses as a great role model to the younger ones.

Almost at 32 years old, she has achieved quite some high forts and must be applauded for it.

The most beautiful part of Salma's journey would be her foundation. It shows how much of a big heart she has, contrary to the characters she usually portrays on our screens.

Although nobody knows the exact story behind the formation of the foundation, Ghanaians are indeed grateful that she is willing to share the little she has with others.

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