Driver spotted changing gears from the back seat of his car (Video)


A trending video captures a driver changing gears from the back seat of his car.

Gear shifters are mostly found in the middle of the passenger and driver seats and are mostly in the front seat of a vehicle.
Strange as Driver is spotted changing gears from the back seat of his carIsaac Brown-Yawson/

In an unusual way, this Driver's gear shifter could be seen in the back seat of his car.

In the video, the man who was driving was seen changing gears by looking backwards to the gears shifter which was in the backseat of the vehicle.

The car seems to be a commercial one as some could be seen sitting at the back seat or second seat and voices of people could be heard from the background.

This video has stunned netizens as it seemed strange and risky that the gears shifter of the car was seen in the back seat.

There were mixed reactions among netizens about the video with some stating that it looked dangerous.

Others also laughed about it and advised the driver to consider the risk he is putting himself and passengers in.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile,a Clergyman identified as Prophet Andrew Ejimadu Prophet Seer1 has revealed what could be hindering Africa from progressing and slowly destroying the continent.

According to the man of God, too much prayer is destroying Africa.

The South Africa-based Nigerian pastor further opined that Africans put all their belief in prayers than work adding that a typical African prefers to pray than work.

Prophet Seer1 also averred that when he becomes the president he would make citizens worship in the church once in a week and use the remaining days of the week as working days.

"What is destroying Africa and drawing her backwards today is too much prayer.

African countries pray more than they work. The more we pray the poorer we will become. When I became the president, people will only be allowed to meet in churches once a week and the rest of the days must go to work.
Go to the comment section and see some African zombies attacking me for this truth.


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