37-Year-Old woman in UK turning into 'stone' due to rare disease (Video)


A 37-year-old Rachel Winnard from the UK is "turning to a stone" due to an extremely rare genetic condition Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) - a condition that causes the development of bone in areas of the body where the bone is not normally present.

Woman turning into 'stone' due to rare diseaseCaters News Agency

Rachel Winnard first lost movement in her right arm during childhood but was able to live a relatively normal life as a teenager.

However, in her 20s she had a flare-up in her right hip and began having to use a crutch to walk.

Since then she has lost all her mobility and is now stuck to a wheelchair as the only mean of movement for her.

Despite this, Rachel remains positive and wants to raise awareness of the condition in the hopes of getting a cure for sufferers

. Her family and friends use humour as a way to cope with the darker times ".

The Born Different Show documentary showed how Rachel Winnard underwent her daily activities.

She thanked her family members for helping other than her she wouldn't have known what to do in her current state.

Her mother revealed that she started getting flare-ups when she was nineteen months old but it didn't affect her movement but accepted her neck.

'When I was 12 years old the Doctor asked to look at my toes. And my mum was thinking why do you want to look at her toes? It was a bit weird. There was actually a bone missing and that's how they diagnosed me with F.O.P." Rachel Winnard disclosed.

"I like to try and be as normal as I can, live a normal life really. Try and Enjoy life. Here I am in a wheelchair but I still go out and still have a laugh with my friends" She added.

Watch the video below:


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