Ways to make money online as a student in Ghana


The worst nightmare of every student is being broke. It is relatable how depressing it is, to be at lectures and be wondering what to eat later.

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Worst case scenario, having friends who always have money. The new clothes, designers’ bags, sneakers and the outings. You always want to be a part of it while still thinking of not looking out of place.

In every students’ hostel, you’ll come across students selling shoes, clothes, eggs, oil, vegetables and even indomie. You just need to place an order. All of these? Just for the cash.

But, you want something different. You want a side hustle that doesn’t take so much of your time. You still want to have enough time for your books. But, you want a business that will bring in good money and keep people wondering where you get your good fortune.

You’re at the right place. In this article, we look at 3 of the top ways you can make money online as a student in Ghana.

1.Selling your notes online.

Surprising as it is, you own the copyright to your notes. The thing is that some students go through painstaking research on topics to make notes. These notes are to make learning easier for the students.

Simply put, these notes become your books or intellectual property.

Thus, you can decide to sell it once you feel you don't need it anymore. Cool way to make money online right?

But who buys them? Well, there are some sites online that pay cool cash for your notes and other students also buy them.

A site like Course Hero is one of the best ways to make money online as a student. They readily buy your note and sell them. The best part is that with a monthly subscription, you can refer your friends to do the same and earn more money.

Another site that guarantees cool cash is Nexus Notes. On this site, their team will check the liability and quality of your notes before accepting them.

Once accepted, you make 50% off each sale which will be paid into your Paypal account at the beginning of every month.

Isn't that some great way to make money online as a student in Ghana?

2.Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online as a student. At your own pace and your rates too!

With this, you'd just have to up your game and show some dedication if you believe you can write.

There are millions of websites out there looking for content writers to write articles for their blogs. You can hone your writing skills through Online Classes and get gigs to write for such sites.

Believe me, you'd have a lot of fun doing it and learn new things as you go. And it is one great way to make money online as a student.

With sites such as Guru.com, you would be connected to employers who are ready to pay cool cash for your articles.

This is another awesome way to make money online as a student in Ghana. You should try this if you have some good writing skills.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Your best bet for how to make money online in Ghana as a student? Well, I’ll put this at the number one spot.

If you have good persuasion skills and you’re capable of influencing people’s opinion, then you’re fit for this.

In simple terms, let's say you contact a brand that sells male shirts to market for them.

With your popularity on campus, you'd have so many people to market to. And with your persuasion skills, they'll buy.

So once the students buy per your referral, the brand also happily pays you your commission.

What you do is post the products on your social media with a link from the brand so once they click on that link and buy, you make some cash.

You don't need a degree for this because of its simplicity. With just a little effort, it could be your best option for making money online.

Final Words

It is hard out here for everyone. Parents will give you money that they think will last you the semester but it doesn't even take a month. And you can't constantly ask an African parent for money like that.

There are many other options for making money online as a student. But these three right here are the easiest ones you can go with.

There are others such as WhatsApp status advertising, organizing events and many others.

If you are one from a home where your siblings are relying on you, don't be depressed. Make money online in these ways.

But, Consistency is always key. If you're not consistent, you'll say there are no ways to make money online as a student.

We hope that this article helps you on your quest to make money online as a student. Do you know of any other ways to make money online as a student in Ghana? Let us know in the comment box below.

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