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Hearsay Causes Some Maple Heights Residents to Question the Occupation of Its Council Members: None of them are Lawyers

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Maple Heights, OH. - Maple Heights is a southeast suburb close to Cleveland WARD ONE, Warrensville Heights, Bedford, Bedford Heights, Walton Hills, and Garfield Heights. Although some connecting Cities have lawyers serving as councilmembers, Maple Heights does not. With approximately 25 000 residents, some are confused about the occupation of sitting council members.

Hearsay has them in an uproar.

Maple Heights has seven elected council people. Hearsay, rumors, and unhealthy gossip have residents asking if any members of Maple Heights Council hold a law degree. Is there an attorney on Maple Heights City Council? Is there a lawyer on Maple Heights City Council? During our tenure covering the City of Maple Heights, the only lawyer at Maple Heights Council meetings is Attorney Frank Consulo. Mr. Consulo is the City's, Law Director.

Exhausted by the calls and to stop the bickering back and forth about council members, Brown on Cleveland is identifying each of the seven council members and their occupations:

District One Councilman is Stafford Shenett. Councilman Shenett is a paralegal. Shenett is not an attorney. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cleveland State University.

District Two Councilwoman is Toni Jones. Councilwoman Jones is a Community Development Director for a Non-Profit Organization. Jones is not an attorney. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree. Jones received a Master's Degree in Urban Affairs.

District Three Councilman is Timothy Tatum. Councilman Tatum is a retired county worker and business owner. He is a skilled tradesman. Tatum is not an attorney.

District Four Councilwoman is Dana D Anderson. Councilwoman is a former Marketing Director in the hospitality industry. She is also a skilled paralegal. She earned her Master's Degree. Councilwoman Anderson is not an attorney.

District Five Councilwoman is Tangalyn Madden. Councilwoman Madden is a retired nurse. She is not an attorney.

District Six Councilman is Richard Trojanski. Mr. Trojanksi is an administrator at a local school. Councilman Trojanski is not an attorney.

District Seven Councilwoman is Edwina Agee. Councilwoman Agee holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She spent her career working in Corporate America. Councilwoman Agee is not an attorney.

Our research found that the City of Maple Heights has no lawyers or attorneys on City Council. According to section 4705.07-Unauthorized practice of the Ohio revised code - it is unlawful for anyone to do any of the following:

(A) No person who is not licensed to practice law in this state shall do any of the following:

(1) Hold that person out in any manner as an attorney at law;

(2) Represent that person orally or in writing, directly or indirectly, as being authorized to practice law;

(3) Commit any act prohibited by the supreme court as the unauthorized practice of law.

(B)(1) The use of "lawyer," "attorney at law," "counselor at law," "law," "law office," or other equivalent words by any person who is not licensed to practice law in connection with that person's name, or any sign, advertisement, card, letterhead, circular, or other writing, document, or design, the evident purpose of which is to induce others to believe that person to be an attorney, constitutes holding out within the meaning of division (A)(1) of this section.

(2) Only the supreme court may decide that any person has committed the unauthorized practice of law in violation of division (A)(3) of this section.

(C)(1) If necessary to serve the public interest and consistent with the rules of the supreme court, any person who is authorized to bring a claim before the supreme court that alleges the unauthorized practice of law in violation of division (A)(3) of this section may make a motion to the supreme court to seek interim relief before the final resolution of the person's claim.

(2) Any person who is damaged by another person who violates division (A)(3) of this section may commence a civil action to recover actual damages from the person who commits the violation upon a finding by the supreme court that the other person has committed an act that the supreme court prohibits as being the unauthorized practice of law in violation of that division. The court in which that action for damages is commenced is bound by the supreme court's determination regarding the unauthorized practice of law and shall not make any additional determinations.

Maples Heights has no attorneys or lawyers as part of the council members. According to the ORC 4705.07, a person may face penalties by the Ohio Supreme Court if they are reported and found to be misleading others by misrepresenting themselves.

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