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Newburgh Heights Police Apprehend Teens Crashing a Stolen Car Without a Fatal Incident Following a Police Chase

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Village of Newburgh Heights, OH. - A small and quaint Village outside of the City of Cleveland was bothered as teens sped through the town in a stolen vehicle. The Police Officer on duty noticed that the vehicle's license plate was not visible. As the Officer attempted to pull over the car, the driver of the unit accelerated the vehicle. This action is reported to have caused the Police to chase the car.

It's reported as the Police attempted to catch the driver, the driver crashed into a Metro Park - City's marquee - the vehicle flipped over, and the driver and passenger began to flee on foot. An Officer tased one of the young men, and immediately after, the other man surrendered. "The young men are brothers. They are teens - not adults - both under the age of 18. Their parent was called," says Police Supervisor Alaskahala.

With many incidents that go wrong in cases like this, Brown on Cleveland inquired about Newburgh Heights Policy regarding using deadly force. "The City has a policy regarding the use of deadly force. We believe in the mantra protect and serve. We want a safe city for all. We don't want to see anyone harmed. The young man was tased," confirmed Police Supervisor Alaskahla.

A May 2021 article by the Washington Post entitled "Police Shootings of children spark new outcry, calls for training." Throughout their research, their database of fatal force incidents finds most children shot by Police are minorities and less likely to be armed than other groups.

The City of Newburgh Heights displayed that Police chases do not have to end in tragedy. The young men, said to be brothers, drove a stolen car and were taken to Juvenile Hall.

No one was reported to be injured. If this incident had been a fatality, activists would have been marching, screaming, and shouting. Silence is the mood. Out of curiosity, Brown on Clevland inquired if the mother of the teens said thank you to the Police for how they handled the situation. "I am not sure if she said thank you. The conversation was quick. It is appreciated that you (Brown on Cleveland) said thank you to us. We rarely hear compliments," the Officer added.

Brown on Cleveland reached out to the Mayor for comments, but she was unavailable.


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