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Cleveland Heights Law Department Claims No Cameras During November 10th Car Accident with Off-Duty City Employee

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Cleveland Heights, OH. - On Thursday, November 10, 2022, between 230 pm and 3 pm, a car accident occurred between a woman and a man. The woman claimed that she was beginning to turn, and a speeding car tried to go around her and struck the side of her vehicle. "Headed south towards Cedar, approaching a light. When he hit my car, I was making a proper lane change - entering the left lane to turn on Superior. At this time, the light changed to yellow, so I stopped not to run a red light. The car behind me, a dark blue Honda minivan, crossed the center line and sped up to go around my vehicle, and he hit my 2005 grey Lexus on the front driver's side. The driver approached me and flashed his police badge, saying he was in a hurry to pick up his kids from school," shared the woman.
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The woman (we will not identify at this time) stated that she was fearful. "He showed me his badge and told me to pull my car to the side of the road. I followed his instructions. He called the police but did not want me to call the police. I had my phone out, and he asked me what are you doing? he would not allow me to take any photos. When the police arrived, the off-duty officer spoke with the officer. I do not know what he told him. In turn, Officer J. Payne #74 issued me a ticket. I tried to tell Officer Payne what happened, and he stated, I am not going to argue with you. He said to pay the ticket to avoid court costs. He let the off-duty officer go and held me up for about an hour," stated the woman.

"I did not hit him; he hit me," stated the woman.

Brown on Cleveland asked the woman if there were any cameras in the area to corroborate her story. The woman was not sure. We went to where the accident occurred; the corner of Superior and South Taylor. The intersection has four ways. There are cameras posted at each traffic light. The funeral home also has cameras that would probably cover the area.

On November 11, 2022, Brown on Cleveland submitted public records request seeking footage from the cameras. On December 19, 2022, the Law Department informed us that there were no cameras at this intersection. Brown on Cleveland asked Michelle Smith, paralegal, if the cameras posted were "dummies."

Brown on Cleveland also sought the verification of the driver who flashed the police badge. We spoke with the Human Resources Department. The HR representative verified the name of the employee but withheld his position with the City of Cleveland Heights. The representative informed us that she could not tell us what department this employee serves.

The woman allegedly hit by the City of Cleveland Heights employee filed an official complaint with the City of Cleveland Heights and hired an attorney to help her with this process.

Brown on Cleveland will continue to update this story as new information emerges.

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