Mature and Distinct Women Bring Class and Business to the Runway: Model to Raise Awareness for Worthy Causes

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Alyce Moore and Credessa GroceCourtesy of The Brown Report Newspaper (Design)

Cuyahoga County, OH. - Every month, there is a cause to celebrate and acknowledge. As time passes, community members are reminded of worthy causes to remember, those that have impacted societal norms because of their relevance. At times, community members will orchestrate gathering to advocate for a cause, raise funds, and display homage due to unforeseen circumstances of a loved one. Whatever the case, people join for a moment of reflective reverence.

In Cuyahoga County, there are a few exceptions to every rule. We have learned of a distinct class of women who support causes close to their hearts. The women are newly formed business owners who also use their skills as a model to showcase awareness and education and raise funds on behalf of individuals with special needs and organizations' awareness campaigns.

As we continue our series on the "Top Models." Brown on Cleveland gets up close and personal with Credessa Groce and Alyce "Mrs. Silver Streak" Moore. Mrs. Groce and Mrs. Moore are classy, distinctive - mature models. They have been modeling for several years for local designers and organizations.

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Groce is the mother of Lavelle Eugene Carson. Carson is special needs with Down Syndrome. "My son was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, on a military base. He was born with twenty-one chromosomes. He was a good child, quiet. He started walking at age six and experienced respiratory problems," said Groce. "A mother's love for her children is everlasting. My son meant the world to me. He passed at age 29. By trade, I am a private nurse. After my son's passing, I wanted to raise awareness about this issue, so I started Credessa Class and Cutie Production to build a legacy for my son," added Groce. "I model in my spare time and host fashion shows to raise awareness and funds for Down Syndrome."
Credessa GroceCourtesy of Credessa Groce

According to the March of Dimes, Down syndrome (trisomy 21) is the most common chromosomal condition in the United States. A chromosomal condition (also called a genetic condition) happens when there's a problem in one or more chromosomes.
Lavelle CarsonCourtesy of Credessa Groce

Groce started modeling in 2020. She has modeled for local designer Dee Tuck, Gospel Recording Artist Donnie McClurkin, Songtress Shirley Murdock, Motown, New York Fashion Week, Kingdom Life Assembly, and the Zelma George Community Center. "I love clothes - colors are exciting. Most importantly, I love supporting human interest stories. Whenever I can help - wherever I am needed, I am there," said Groce.

In July 2022, Groce and Moore helped raise $3,000.00 for a five-year-old girl with a heart transplant. They modeled in the Celebrity Carwash and Waterfall Fashion Show sponsored by the Women's Commission for Education and Training and The Black Women Commission of Cuyahoga County.

"I am retired. I enjoy helping others. It was a pleasure to be part of that worthy cause. As a community, we must do what we can to help one another. When I asked to model in the show to help raise money for that child, I did not hesitate. The gesture was rewarding, says," Alyce Moore.
Alyce MooreCourtesy of Alyce Moore

Tall, with long legs and slender with a smile that can light up a cathedral, Moore took to the runway in 2019 after being approached by Val Brown, a local Model Coach. As a former healthcare and community relations professional, Moore never imagined that she would be modeling. "Times are changing. The market is swinging, and we are seeing all kinds of models. This career is no longer for the tall and very small. Models come in all shapes and sizes. I think it's great," said Moore.
Alyce MooreCourtesy of Alyce Moore

Although Moore admits to not having a runway name, some people have referred to her as "Mrs. Silver Streak." Moore's hair is slick refined gray. She sports a short bob that captures her smile. "I represent a unique class of beautiful people, the older women. We spend money too," as she laughs.

Like Groce, Moore fashion show organizers and local designers request Moore's presence. Since hitting the runway in Moore been involved with numerous fundraisers and participated in My Sister's Keepers Fashion Show in support of cancer survivors, the Down Syndrome Project, The Cleveland Allstar Weekend, Chemo Transition by Styles of Imagination, and The Women Of Color Expo. Moore has been a frequent guest on the Leon Bibb Morning Show on WKYC TV 3 and Fox 8 Newsday Cleveland. Most recently, she booked a modeling gig in Pittsburg, PA.

My family is proud of me. I have found a new passion. My husband and I are ballroom dancers and Chicago Steppers. He is very supportive. I also enjoy designing clothing. I create custom clothes: t-shirts, hats, shoes, belts, etc. Right now, I am enjoying life. Who knows, I may get the opportunity to get involved in commercial marketing. I am adaptable," stated Moore.

Under Moore's business "Alyce's Abstraction," she has created customized apparel for local celebrities. "I just take things and "bling" them out - it's a certain savoir-faire," laughs Moore.

As Credessa Groce and Alyce Moore continue their newfound love of modeling, their journey will create a confident pathway to the runway of the mature, classy, and cause-conscious audience. "Helping people help people," stated Groce. "We must remember that we are here to serve. When you serve others, someone will return the favor to you," added Moore.

Groce and Moore will model in the Saber Healthcare Three-Day Community Partnership and Holiday Fashion Show Project beginning Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

Credessa Groce and Alyce Moore are part of the Brown on Cleveland "Top Model" series. To find out more information about Groce and Moore, please follow them on Facebook.

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