Summit County Aspiring Young Male Models Work Day Jobs and Walk the Runway on Weekends: Gifted and Fashionable

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Aspiring Models Kylan and KeesCourtesy of Kylan Richburg and Marquis Flynn (Designed by The Brown Report Newspaper )

Summit County, OH. - Kylan Richburg and Marquis Flynn are aspiring male models seeking to make a difference in the fashion world through walking the runway, print, commercials, billboards, and high fashion. In their early 20s, the young men strive to become nationally known for their swag, style, and sophistication. Although the stories are similar, the young men's uniqueness keeps them booked for modeling gigs on the weekend.

Born in Warren, OH, and raised in Akron, Kylan Richburg is a graduate of Firestone High School. He is the oldest of three brothers and one sister. Richburg, 25, who goes by the runway name "Kylan, the Elegant Chocolate King," says that "I can model almost anything. When people see me on the runway, everyone is asking, "who is that guy," says Richburg.
Kylan Richburg, Aspiring ModelCourtesy of Kylan Richburg

Upon graduation from High School, Richburg became a security guard for a local business. In 2019, a friend of a friend of Richburg told him that he looked like a model. "I am athletic; I played sports in high school. I played basketball, and I was a member of the track team. Humbly speaking, I dressed nice, and I have always received compliments on my appearance," says Richburg. "This person kept encouraging me to model, so I tried it. Immediately following a casting call, a fashion show booked me as a model in the City of Akron for a designer called Tony Vision. Tony Vision models streetwear. I had the opportunity to travel to Miami, Florida. This designer works with celebrities across the country," stated Richburg.

Like Richburg, Marquis Flynn is in his early 20s. He, too, is from Summit County. Flynn is a graduate of Buchtel High School. Flynn tells the Brown on Cleveland that friends have always told him that he looks like a model. Upon graduation, Flynn got a regular job to pay the bills and pursued a modeling career. "At first, I started searching for modeling agents and agencies. As I did my research, I realized that some agencies are scammers. The agencies will attempt to scam you. If any agency request money upfront for services, it is probably a scam. I learned the hard way." scoffed Flynn. Despite this upset, Flynn managed to take his disappointment and turn it into a self-learned lesson for career growth. "I used to be very quiet. Now, I am breaking out of that shell. I am working very hard to rid myself of what I used to be: silent and non-trusting. In this business, people want models with a personality and confidence. To get accepted for gigs, I must show them my personality. I have a look, but modeling is more than the look. It's also about the imagination and being able to sell a product for designers," says Flynn.
Marquis Kees Flynn ModelCourtesy of Marquis Flynn

Flynn, who goes by the runway name of "Kees," is no stranger to the Cleveland modeling scene. He has modeled for Columbus Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week with Selfie Studios of Strongsville, the Art Street Experience - Cleveland, OH, Jonhanathan Anderson Couture, Luther Parker, Fifty Look Fashion Show by the Christian Cartright Production and others. "I am always looking for opportunities. Casting calls can be challenging. I am self-driven and know I must keep pressing forward when I am told no for a shoot. I know no is not the end, so I keep trying. I keep working, and I am consistent. Afterall all, success is not supposed to be comfortable," says Flynn.
Marquis Kees Flynn, Aspiring ModelCourtesy of Marquis Flynn

Although Flynn and Richburg are aspiring models, there are some notable differences. Kees tells us that his style of modeling is unique. "My walk is noticeable. It's not like any other. My physique and walk are attractive. I would be fit for billboards, print, fashion, and commercial opportunities. I learned how to command respect and notoriety on the runway," humbly laughed Flynn. Richburg added, "I love fashion. It's about being able to express yourself while having a beautiful twin. It's a fantastic experience. I am versatile, flexible poised, and unique. I can model streetwear to formal and everything in between. Designers and Casting Directors see this skill in me," stated Richburg.
Kylan Richburg, Aspiring ModelCourtesy of Kylan Richburg

Kylan Richburg and Marquis Flynn are aspiring models. A model is a person with a role in promoting display or advertising commercial products or serving as a visual aid for people creating art or posing for photography.

Richburg and Flynn are part of the Brown on Cleveland series Showcasing our "Top Models" in the region.

For more information on Kylan Richburg and Marquis Flynn, readers can find them on social media.

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