Brown on Cleveland Joined the National Fox News Network for a Live Panel Discussion About U.S. Senate Race for Ohio

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Columbus, OH. - It's the race for the United States Senate for Ohio. It's Republican Venture Capitalist JD Vance against U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan. The heated, contested race is coming down to the wire. According to recent polls, the candidates are running neck to neck, and the National FOX News Network asked Ohio voters what issues are most important to them. The group was a mix of registered Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and undecided voters.

On Tuesday, November 1, 2022, National FOX News held a forum between U.S. Senate Candidates for Ohio, JD Vance (R) and Tim Ryan, at the Five Hotel in Columbus, OH. FOX's News Martha MacCallum and Brett Baier moderated both discussions. Before the debate, a live panel discussion with several Ohio voters occurred. Kimberly F. Brown, an occasional guest on the Marth MacCallum Show, also known as Brown on Cleveland (a NewsBreak Contributor), was a panel participant along with eleven other Ohioans.
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As the panelist represented various segments of Ohio's voters, they shared many concerns about the direction of the United States. MacCallum asked the group if they thought the United States was moving in the right direction. The panel's response was equal. When the question arose about the top three issues facing Americans, the panelist agreed that they are concerned about inflation, the economy, crime, and women's right, referring to the overturn of Roe v Wade.

"Right now, inflation is a top priority for the country. Prices are increasing everywhere, and the value of the dollar is decreasing. Adding insult to injury, since Covid, some people don't want to work, small businesses have suffered, and many have closed their doors. There have been too many handouts. Yes, people need help, but they should not become dependent on the system to keep bailing them out. We are not setting a good example for our young people. I don't vote party; I vote for people," says Brown.

Some panelists stated that crime was the number one concern. MacCallum questioned the panelist about the allegations of polarization of crime due to the election season. "Not. Crime is real. Another reason we must protect the border is that we don't want bad people coming to our country," scoffed a panelist from Dayton, OH.
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It's the General Election of 2022. The political pundits are watching Ohio known as a swing state. In American politics, swing state (also known as battleground state or purple state) refers to any condition that a Democratic or Republican candidate could reasonably win in a statewide election.

U.S. Senator Rob Portman, a Republican, is retiring. Either Republican JD Vance or Democrat Tim Ryan will win. The question is, who?

The National Fox News Network can't tell voters who to vote for, but they offered voters the opportunity to hear from other voters who may have some of the same concerns for the American people.

Early voting is open, and the polling locations will open Tuesday, November 8, 2022, from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. To find your polling location, please get in touch with your local board of elections.

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