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Euclid Councilman Marcus Epps Appears on TLC's Reality Show Seeking Sister Wife; Isn't Polygamy Illegal?

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Marcus Epp's Seeking Sister WifeCourtesy of The Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

Euclid, OH. - Ward Three Councilman Marcus Epps of Euclid, OH, is actively participating in a TLC reality show. TLC is an American cable channel owned by Warner Bros. TLC stands for the tender loving care of others. The programming intends to connect with viewers through emotions. Several TLC programs include 90 Day Fiance, My 600lb Life, Medical Marvel, Unique Lifestyles, Journey and Transformation, and many others.

Councilman Epps is a cast member of the reality show Seeking Sister Wife. Seeking Sister Wife documents polygamist families' lives.

Councilman Epps's episode aired Sunday, August 14, 2022. "As I was watching TLC last evening, the caption read "Euclid, OH City Councilman. I called my daughter to the living room, and she recognized Councilman Epps lying in bed while talking with two women. A councilman, this situation is a laughing hoot. We must watch who we place in the office as an elected official," said Dee Smith while laughing loudly. "Isn't polygamy illegal in the United States of America," asked Karen Smith.
Marcus Epp's Seeking Sister WifeCourtesy of The Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

When we got wind of the situation, Brown on Cleveland attempted to contact Councilman Epps via email. We asked three questions:

  1. Are you aware that Polygamy is illegal in the United States of America?
  2. What are your religious beliefs?
  3. How many wives do you have?

Councilman Epps did not respond.

According to the Gospel, Polygamy is the practice or custom of simultaneously having more than one wife or husband. Polygamy has historically taken two forms, polyandry and polygyny. Polygyny is the practice of having more than one wife or female mate at a time, while polyandry is when a woman has more than one husband or male mate at a time. legal services say that every state in the United States of America has a law outlawing Polygamy. The federal government has several laws that also criminalize being married to more than one person.

How can television reality shows promote the Polygamist relationship if our resources are correct?
Councilman Marcus Epps's Seeking Sister Wife TLCCourtesy of The Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

In one scene, Epps tries to convince a woman to join him as a family partner. Epps says, "The ladies will tell me I may need to spend the night with another lady because she had a bad day. This situation would be more than a sexual relationship; it's a relationship in general. You now have multiple people looking out for you. The support behind this move is pretty cool", says Epps. The lady tells the narrator, "Marcus gave me a bunch of selling points. I am not sold. It may be interesting to meet his wives. With Marcus, you never know," she concluded. In return, Marcus tells the producer that the young lady should speak with the other females to get their perspectives. "Maybe they can help sell the polygamy lifestyle to the young lady," said Epps.

Is Seeking Sister Wife a fictitious entertainment segment, or is it non-fictitious theatrics? Either situation, Councilman Marcus Epps is a reality star on Seeking Sister Wife, advocating a polygamist lifestyle. Under the Ohio revised code, 2919.01. Bigamy. (A) No married person shall marry another or continue to cohabit with another person in this state.

TLC's Seeking Sister Wife airs on a cable television network. Viewers must check with their cable carrier to subscribe to this channel.

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