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Garfield Heights Landscaper Helps Disabled Woman in Garfield Heights Maintain Her Yard

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Gil of Greenzone LandscapingCourtesy of The Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

Garfield Heights, OH. - Recently, a Garfield Heights resident asked for help on Facebook. The 50-year-old woman is legally disabled. She lives in a one-family home that she rents. According to the lease agreement, the renter maintains the snow and grass. Should the homeowner or occupant of the home violate the city's ordinance, they can receive a $250.00 fine. Garfield Heights service department warns residents and business owners of potential penalties. Garfield Heights website reads, "If your grass grows 6 inches or higher, it will constitute a nuisance, and a citation will be issued. Grass not cut within 48-hours of the citation will be taken care of by the city, and the property owner will receive a bill."

"Our yard is in bad shape. It is terrible. We have an inoperable lawn mower, and people want $150.00 to mow the front and back lawn. The city is going to issue us a fine. I have to pay because it is my responsibility. I need help," stated Ms. J. Daniels.
The backyard of Disabled Woman Garfield Heights, OHCourtesy of The Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

Due to this outcry, a Garfield Heights resident immediately responded. The resident wishes to stay anonymous. This resident contacted Greenzone Landscaping and Snow Removal and shared the woman's story. They immediately responded to assist. "Our company is located in Garfield Heights. It's my dad and me. We love our community, and we will help people in our society when we can," says Mr. Gil. Greenzone Landscaping is a family-owned business. They opened their landscaping business in 2015-16.

Roy, the dad, is retired. Gil is an assembler by trade. He tells Brown on Cleveland, "I will admit that I have had some stumbles in the past. If I can help someone, I will because someone helped me. We volunteered to cut and trim her lawn out of an act of kindness."

We asked Gil what Garfield Heights Mayor and City Council can do to help with tall grass issues. Gil replied, "maybe they should set some money aside in the budget to help the senior and disabled community. I have lived in this community for 22 years. I take pride in my community, and I want to help keep Garfield Heights clean," stated Gil.
The backyard of the disabled woman after the yard is mowedCourtesy of The Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

Brown on Cleveland reached out to Garfield Heights Councilman Jason Siether of Ward 3. Councilman Seither expressed gratitude for seeing neighbors help one another. "This is what we ought to be doing—taking care of our neighbors. I feel like this is how we will get our neighborhood back. We must be able to talk to our neighbors. We must be able to get along. Unfortunately, people have forgotten how to talk with one another, our community, and the world," said Councilman Seither.
Councilman Jason Seither Garfield HeightsCourtesy of Jason Seither

Councilman Seither has been the councilman of Ward 3 for less than a year. There are approximately 3500 residents in Ward 3. "In Ward 3, we are experiencing issues with tall grass. My colleagues and I are trying to develop ideas about addressing this situation in a non-threatening manner. We want all residents, business owners, and potential new stakeholders to get excited about Garfield," said Councilman Seither.

He further stated, "we have new development coming to our city. Eventually, we will have a container home in Garfield Heights; side by side. Following the development of the first home built, we will see others. We are also excited about the Garfield Heights Boulevard bike path project. There will also be a business district beautification. With the correlation between cleanliness, pride, and business ventures, we will be able to see improvement across the city. We want to make Garfield Heights as attractive as possible to capture the attention of various investors. We need to find creative ways to help everyone take pride in our community," commented Councilman Seither.

The Garfield Heights community has approximately 27,673 residents. "If every neighbor assisted their next-door neighbor, we would be able to clean up our community. People would have pride in where they live. Today was a great example of how neighbors and businesses came together to better our society. This situation is a win-win situation," explained Councilman Seither.

"I am most definitely satisfied. My yard is manageable. I can control the lawn now. I gladly appreciate Greenzone Landscaping for coming to my rescue today," said Daniels.

"This community belongs to all of us, and we must take pride in where we live. We were glad to help," echoed Gil of Greenzone Landscaping.

Greenzone Landscaping is a small business in Garfield Heights. For more information about the company, call (216) 858-0358.

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