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The Illuminating Company Unkempt Property Frustrates Cleveland Ward One Residents

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Cleveland, OH. - Cleveland Ward One community covers parts of the Miles and Lee Road community. The area is the home to the new John F. Kennedy High School and the Frederick Douglas Recreation Center. Condemned buildings and an old railroad track are direct across the street from the school and center. Across the path are a small community of residents, four residential streets, and limited resources. Parts of the area are dim and unkempt due to vacant homes, dumping, and empty fields.

Recently, residents launched a complaint against the First Energy Illuminating Company. Homeowners are scoffing about an empty field that the Illuminating Company owns. The area of concern is located directly next to residents and sits in the back of the Illuminating Company E. 146th field site distribution center. Residents are frustrated due to the poor maintenance of the empty lot. "It's hot, and the lot is filthy. The grass is as tall as me. I called the Illuminating Company twice. I have not received a response," says frustrated Ms. B. Kyles.

Out of fairness, Brown on Cleveland attempted to contact the Illuminating Company. We spoke with Lauren Siburkis, Spokeswoman for First Energy. Siburkis received the information about the property. She further stated that she was unfamiliar with the property and would probe the matter. "We appreciate you raising this concern. We've shared the information with our facilities team, and they are looking into it," said Siburkis.

Meanwhile, the community waits for an amicable resolution. "It will rain later today, and it will get worst; the mosquitoes, the rodents, the trash, and the smell we must tolerate because the Illuminating Company is not a good neighbor," commented Kyle. One idea to resolve this issue is to fence the area and hire a contractor in the neighborhood to maintain the vacant lot. Ms. Kyle and others agreed. "This area is an eyesore. Unknown cars park her at night, and the city employees and their garbage trucks park there for smoke breaks. We watch them do this regularly, and no one says anything. One night a man decided to shoot his gun in the air as he sat in his vehicle. The city claims that they have cameras. If they do, they either don't work, or city officials don't care," argued another concerned resident who will remain nameless.
B. Kyle of Cleveland WARD ONECourtesy of The Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

Siburkis stated that she would follow up with the Illuminating Company by 7 pm this evening to provide an update regarding this situation. Brown on Cleveland will update the story accordingly as First Energy work to resolve the issue.

On June 2, 2022, Brown on Cleveland received an update from The Illuminating Company, a source of First Energy. "We confirmed that we own the vacant property located at 154th St. and Ramsay. We are working with our landscaping contractor to address the overgrown area as quickly as possible – hopefully before this evening. Our operations team is identifying solutions to prevent this from happening again in the future," wrote Siburkis.

Residents are pleased that the Illuminating Company is taking action to resolve this situation. "I knew who to call to get action. I will let you know when they clean and mow the lot. We thank Brown on Cleveland very much for assisting us," stated Kyles.

E.154th RamseyCourtesy of The Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

On June 3, 2022, the Illuminating Company sent their contractor to mow the lawn and clean the area.

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