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Family Wants Answers After 15 Years: What Happened to Jermayne Kyle Mitchell? Who killed Jermayne?

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Jermayne Kyle MitchellCourtesy of Nakia Mitchell

Euclid, OH. - Jermayne Kyle Mitchell is the son of a local pastor, Reverend Henry M. Mitchell. According to the city of Euclid Police Department, twenty-seven-year-old Jermayne was robbed and shot in the back of his head on April 26, 2007. The family is still seeking answers after 15 years.

Reverend Henry Mitchell and Vivian Mitchell want answers. Who killed him? Jermayne is the youngest son of the Mitchells. His life abruptly ended at an early age. "We are devastated. As a mother, when you lose your child, a part of you dies inside. It's the worst unimaginable feeling," stated Mrs. Mitchell. "I remember the night when we got the call. A family friend informed us that Jermayne was in the hospital due to a gunshot wound. Moments later, we received a call from Euclid City Police Department requesting that we come to the police station. We had no idea of what was going on. We got dressed, and our daughter Nakia drove us to the police station. The officers told that Jermayne died upon arrival," said Pastor Mitchell.

Jermayne resided in the apartments at 260th and Knuth in the City of Euclid. As reported by the family, on April 16th, he and a friend left his apartment. They walked to Kentucky Fried Chicken. As they were walking home, they saw a young lady. Jermayne's friend walked across the street to talk with her. The family reported that Jermayne continued to walk alone. The family friend has declared that he and the young lady heard gunshots, so they ran behind an apartment building. After the shots ceased, they saw Jermayne lying on the ground. Someone shot Jermayne. He was rushed to the hospital and lost a vast amount of blood, as Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell reported.
Henry and Vivian MitchellCourtesy of Nakia Mitchell

"It's 15 years come April 26, 2022. We don't know who killed our son. The detective working the case is retired, and we don't know who is working our son's case or even if it is a priority," commented Mrs. Mitchell. "We don't know too much because no one says anything," added Pastor Mitchell.

Sunday, April 18, 2022, Brown on Cleveland submitted a public record request to the Euclid Police Department seeking the following information: detective training records, current detective, and active case submission. After not getting a response to our original request, Tuesday, April 19th, we met with a Euclid City Police Department officer. We inquired about our public record request. The police stated that the clerk would be processing the request. "Normal requests can take up to 5 to 7 business days. As far as training records for the retired detectives, we have to look into the microchip archives," stated the police officer. Brown on Cleveland asked the officer about solving a 15-year-old alleged murder case. Is Jermayne's case considered to be cold? Is the detective actively working on the Jermayne Mitchell case? "All I can say is, we, our police officers, take each case seriously. We do our best. An unsolved case is not a cold case, as long as no one is convicted. We should be able to complete your request in a few days," stated the officer.

On her social media page, Nakia Mitchell tells her friends, "after 15 years, it does not get easier." Nakia is Jermayne's older sister. "I think that the Euclid Police Department dropped the ball at the beginning of the investigation. The police assumed that my brother Jermayne was another Jermaine Mitchell who, according to the police, had an extensive criminal record. I think they looked at it as another lousy element off the streets. Whether they put forth a genuine effort is to be questioned," stated Nakia.

The Mitchells tell Brown on Cleveland; it gets more complicated every year. "Someone knows what happened. Someone saw something. We remain hopeful that someone will come forward. Please call the City of Euclid Police Department if you know who killed our son," pleaded the Mitchells.

Annually, the Mitchells gather with family and friends to remember the life of their youngest son, Jermayne. On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the family will gather with family and friends to release white doves in honor of Jermayne.

If you have any information regarding the case of Jermayne Mitchell, don't hesitate to get in touch with the City of Euclid Police Department Detective Bureau at 216.289.8505.

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