Opinion and Fictitious Content: Fictional Character GI Jane Empowered Women, Actor Will Smith Erred

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The United States of America - Since the Oscars, people have been talking about the incident between Comedian Chris Rock and actor Will Smith. The Oscars are also known as the Academy Awards. Many people regard the Oscars as the worldwide and international premiere for entertainment in cinematic achievements for motion pictures.

During the 94th televised Oscars Awards Program, actor Will Smith walked on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock following a joke about Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, starring in the next GI Jane movie. Will Smith initially laughed at the statement while his wife Jada displayed an eye roll. ELLE.com reported that Jada assumed that Rock was making fun of her shaved head. Jada Smith has reported that she has alopecia. According to WED.MD, alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss in patches. OnMarrch 28, 2022, Page Six.com reported that Rock stated that he had no idea that Jada had this disease.

Immediately following the incident, social media went wild. Some people stated that Will Smith was correct to slap Chris Rocks for disrespecting his wife, while others commended Rock for not retaliating against Smith as they found nothing wrong with Rock's statement. All the comments found on social media are a matter of opinion, just as this article is opinion-based.

Let's Talk About GI Jane.

Was this incident really about a shaved head or compared to the fictional character GI Jane who had a shaved head? The commonality is that both women shaved their heads. Jada shaved her head due to alopecia. GI Jane, played by actress Demi Moore in an American War movie developed in 1997. The film tells the adventurous story of the first woman, Jordan O'Neil, to undergo specialized training to be part of the elite group of Navy Seals. O'Neil has to deal with sexism, lies, dirty politics, and classism.

The meat of the movie is when a candidate interviews for the position of Secretary of the Navy.
A female senator criticizes the Navy for not being gender-friendly. A backroom deal is made: If women can do what men can do in a series of physical, psychological, and emotional tests, the military will incorporate women into Naval positions initially given to men. Little did she know that the senator was using her as a pawn. It was all about politics.

With everyone against her, she proved that she could overcome obstacles better than most men. She accepted harsher criticism than her male counterparts. She was relentless. Everything that her superiors put in front of her she conquered. Her story was so prevailing that she garnered media attention, and this is how O'Neil received the nickname GI Jane. GI Jane rescued one of her injured superiors while in the Libyan desert during the movie's ending. She used her strategic leadership skills to change the course of action to save him. In the end, Jane was honored. Her superior gave her his Navy Cross. As per the movie, the Navy Cross is given to individuals who distinguish themselves in action by extraordinary heroism - as per the United States Navy.

In this fictional movie, GI Jane is a hero. Her triumph is extraordinary. She proved that women could be tough despite obstacles placed before them. The flick told the story of a woman who had enough passion for fighting for her beliefs, enough nerve to open doors for all women, and enough strength to persevere. GI Jane, played by Demi Moore, is a movie that all women should view and uplift because it comprises passion and empowerment.

Chris Rock's verbiage was not an insult towards his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith; it was an honor to be compared to GI Jane, shaved head or not. Will Smith erred.

This is an Opinion piece by Brown on Cleveland. The content is fictitious.

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