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Oversize Trash Takes Over E. 136th Street in Cleveland Ward 2, Residents Plea for Clean Up.

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Cleveland, OH. - The City of Cleveland has dealt with dumping throughout eastside Wards. Mostly, the dumping is visible during warm weather. Dumpsters placed the trash and abandoned cars on residential streets and alleys.

On East 136th Street in Cleveland Ward 2, there are mattresses, dressers, tires, and many other items piled on the vacant side of garages, tree lawns, and the middle of the street. There is also an abandoned vehicle that appears to be part of a car crash. This excessive trash is a safety issue for residents and motorists. As motorists attempt to drive E. 136th between Coath ave and Southview, they must dodge in and out of traffic to prevent accidents. Angry residents are disturbed. "I live on Southview, and this mess has been here for days. The city will not clean this up. I watch garbage trucks drive right by the trash. Every day, it more and more junk n the street. Nobody says anything, but everyone is complaining," says Dorian B. We asked Dorain if he contacted the councilperson of Ward 2. Dorian scoffed. "I have no idea. You only see politicians when they want to be elected".
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Brown on Cleveland attempted to contact Ward 2's councilperson, Kevin Bishop. We left this message for Councilperson Bishop "trash is abundant in the street on E. 136th between Southview and Coath ave. This garbage pile is dangerous. Are you aware of this matter? What can you do to clean up this dump? How often do you drive through WARD 2?" Bishop was not available to comment in time for this story. We will email the City of Cleveland Mayor's action line to see if Mayor Bibb and his staff will address this matter.
E. 136th Street Ward 2The Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

With the winter season in session, oversized Items in the street can cause dangerous conditions for residents and motorists. According to Cleveland City Hall, residents can report trash and illegal dumping to the city of Cleveland for removal by calling 216-664-DUMP or the Mayor's Action Center at 216-644-2900.

Brown on Cleveland will update this article if we hear from Mayor Bibb and Councilman Bishop.

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