Former Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Candidate Stephanie Hall Ponders Run for County Executive

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Cuyahoga County, OH. - The race for Cuyahoga County Executive is yet to heat up. The battleground for who will become the most powerful individual in the region is questionable. As several people are eyeing the seat, others have attempted to launch their candidacy off the ground. Thus far, Chris Ronayne, Lee Weigart, and Shirley Smith have declared their candidacy. Other candidates included Mayor Annette Blackwell of Maple Heights and Bradley Sellers, Mayor of Warrensville. Both Blackwell and Sellers departed from the County Executive race prematurely.

Now, with less than three weeks to file for candidacy to run for this open seat, another candidate may emerge. Her name is Stephanie Hall. She is the chief bailiff for Cleveland Housing Court and serves under the auspice of Judge Mona W. Scott.

After receiving several phone calls about Hall's candidacy, Brown on Cleveland reached out to her and asked if she considered running for the Cuyahoga County Executive position. Hall replied, "I have no comment at this time. I am working a full-time job, and I am not allowed to discuss politics while at work". Hall did not confirm the gossip, nor did she dispute the hearsay. Hall appears to be pondering. If Hall is running for the seat, she will be the third black woman to attempt. Hall will join Former Senator Shirley Smith in a small crowd of candidates.

In 2012, Hall ran for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor. She is a former Cleveland police officer. According to her resume, Hall attended Cleveland Marshall School of Law in 1997. She earned her master's degree in 2007 in intercultural human rights from St. Thomas University.

As a candidate for the prosecutor's office in 2012, Hall touted, "my experience comes from education, investigating and writing reports, talking with witnesses, and knowing what information you need to make a successful case." Currently, Hall is playing in a different league. She is the chief bailiff. The duties entail securing the courtroom, maintaining order, and ensuring safety.

The race for the Cuyahoga County Executive is forthcoming. The county charter states that the executive is responsible for the appointment and removal of county personnel. Other duties include working with other local governments, introducing legislation to the county council, submitting budgets and capital improvement plans.

Should Hall's no comment turn into a vet to run, Cuyahoga County residents will have four candidates to consider, Ronayne, Weingart, Smith, and Hall.

Interested candidates have until February 2, 2022, to file.

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