Mayor Brad Sellers Unpaid Taxes Causes Him to Drop Out of Race for Cuyahoga County Executive

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Mayor Brad SellersCourtesy of Majic 105.7 Brad Sellers Campaign Announcement Photo

Cuyahoga County, OH. - The race for Cuyahoga County Executive has not started, and candidates are dropping out one by one.

The current executive, Armond Budish, is not running again. Since this November announcement, Democrats have been lining up potential candidates to campaign for this open seat. Chris Ronayne was the first person to announce his candidacy. Ronayne started his campaign late last summer. Then there was Mayor Annette Blackwell. Blackwell entered the race with campaign communication issues. Her team constantly fumbled. They informally announced her candidacy, and they caused a stir. Approximately two weeks later, Blackwell withdrew from the race. There was speculation that the Democratic Party forced Blackwell to resign to make room for Brad Sellers. However, this rumor is unsubstantiated. Within 24 hours of Blackwell's campaign withdrawal, Mayor Brad Sellers had a virtual press conference announcing his candidacy. Seller's stated, "I'm running for county executive for the same reason I came back and for the same reason I ran for Mayor: To make important things happen for Cuyahoga County. Cuyahoga County residents want, need, and deserve more good things happening for them and should expect a county government that can get the job done."

Seller's resigned his candidacy today following a news story by Fox 8 News Investigative Reporter Ed Gallek. Gallek confronted Sellers about his delinquent tax issues from three years ago to this present time. According to the report, records showed Sellers, a former NBA player, owed $13,575.68 in property taxes and tax trouble dating back years. Fox 8 News followed up with Sellers immediately following his announcement to run for County Executive and questioned him about more delinquent tax issues. Fox 8 News discovered that Sellers had more tax issues. Sellers allegedly gave himself a tax abatement that he may not have qualified. Sellers is the Mayor, the Safety Director, and the Housing Officer for Warrensville Heights, OH.

Currently, Republican Lee Weingart, Democrats Chris Ronayne and Shirley Smith are vying for this seat.

The race for Cuyahoga County Executive is an open position. As this race moves forwards, interested individuals have until February 2, 2022, to file with the board of elections.

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