Former Ohio Senator Shirley A. Smith Declares Candidacy for County Executive.

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Former Senator Shirley SmithCourtesy of Shirley A. Smith

Cuyahoga County, OH. - It's the race for Cuyahoga County Executive. Thus far, we have four people vetting for this position; Chris Ronayne, Lee Weingart, Bradley Sellers, and the newcomer, former Ohio Senator Shirley Smith. Smith informally announced her candidacy on January 13, 2022. Smith is the second woman to join the race; however, she is the only woman. Initially, Mayor Annette Blackwell was preparing for the challenge, but she dropped out. There are speculations that Blackwell left the race due to pressure from the democratic party. However, Blackwell or the democratic party has not substantiated those rumors.

Currently, there are three democrats and one republican vying for the seat due to Armond Budish's reluctance to run again. Many people ask, will Senator Shirley Smith cave to pressure from outside pressures caused by political pundits? Will there be a woman in this race seeking the highest position in the Cuyahoga County government? Smith says, "The only pressure that would force me to cave under pressure is the dirt that lands on my casket after I am in it. I am in this race to win. I don't have a half-million dollars like Chris, but I have the business, professional and political experience which is needed to lead the county".

Shirley A. Smith is a politician and businesswoman. She served as a member of the Ohio Senate from 2007 to 2014. Before this, Smith was an Ohio House of Representatives member from 1999 to 2006. According to the Ohio Statehouse museum, "Smith is a strong advocate for the poor, minority, and disenfranchised across the state of Ohio; Sen. Smith has demonstrated her concern for the socially and economically disadvantaged through the bills she has endorsed and introduced as a legislator. As a member of the Ohio Senate, she focused on healthcare disparity that affects poor minority communities of all races and socio-economic statuses while simultaneously addressing the need to provide affordable health care for all Ohioans". Having served on the Senate Finance Committee, Smith worked on the revival of jobs for Ohio's workers.

The deadline for individuals seeking to run for County Executive is February 2, 2022.

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