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Guardrail Issue in Cleveland Heights Leave Residents Concerned About Safety and Eyesore

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Cleveland Heights Makeshift Guardrail Fairmount BlvdThe Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

Cleveland Heights - OH. In November 2021, a driver led Cleveland Heights police on a high-speed chase following an alleged drug deal. An officer was said to have witnessed an illegal transaction on Lee Road between two individuals. As the officer began to investigate this matter, the vehicle took off, and the pursuit commenced. journalist Jeff Piorkowski reported, "as the officer maneuvered to get a closer look, the blue sedan drove away, and the officer followed. The driver continued when the officer attempted to make a traffic stop on Hyde Park Avenue. The suspect car, unable to turn from South Taylor Road onto Fairmount Boulevard, crashed into a Fairmount Boulevard home. The vehicle went airborne and penetrated the home's interior at 3444 Fairmount Blvd."

Two months later, several South Taylor and Fairmount residents ask where my guardrail is? Someone made a sign asking the city for a barrier. The makeshift sign is an eyesore for the Fairmount and South Taylor communities. A railing, also known as a bar, is a substantial fence structure that prevents people from hitting something. Cities will place the barrier to reduce the risk of people getting injured.
Cleveland Heights South Taylor Road Street SignageThe Brown Report Newspaper (Photo)

A resident spoke with us anonymously. "This makeshift sign is an eyesore. It's a shame that we pay so much in property taxes in Cleveland Heights and continue to receive less than subpar service from our public works division. What's even sadder is the citizens have become so immune to the lack of professionalism that mediocrity is the norm. Why can't there be a guardrail to protect residents as well as pedestrians?"

Brown on Cleveland spoke with Councilman Anthony Mattox via phone. Councilman Mattox says, "this is an issue in conversation. I am getting information about precisely what happened. Our first council meeting is forthcoming Monday. We have a new mayor, discussing how the city will handle this situation."

The article will be updated accordingly following Monday's city council meeting.

Cleveland Heights is a city in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. According to the 2020 censuses, the city has approximately 45,213 residents.

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