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Newly Elected Maple Heights School Board Member, Tina Stafford-Marbury Resigns

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Maple Heights - OH. Tina Stafford-Marbury resigned abruptly after convincing voters in Maple Heights to elect her for the Maple Heights School Board. We obtained this letter by submitting a public records request. Stafford-Marbury sent the letter via email to the school board on January 6, 2022.

Stafford-Marbury's resignation letter reads, " Dear Ms. Beverly, On November 3, 2021, I was elected to sit on the Maple Heights City School Board. I ran my campaign as I do with everything I do, with high morals and integrity standards. I am honored to have been elected. You can not please everyone, and some may not be satisfied with electoral outcomes. My answer would be to take the seat and perform the duties I was elected. I must, however, express how difficult that may be based on the recent unprofessional and negative behaviors of a current sitting board member and opponent. In an unrelated political matter to which they have no first-hand or accurate knowledge, they have involved themselves in a campaign of bullying and intimidation against me. They encourage residents to bring this behavior to the floor of the school board meetings. It appears they recently joined a Maple Heights social media group known for their negativism. The comments submitted to some of the posts encourage disruption to the board meetings. It is unconscionable that anyone, especially a sitting board member, would instigate this behavior on any level. Indeed increased attendance at these meetings is the desired outcome and would increase parent and resident knowledge of our plans and successes. However, this is not the desired outcome they promote based on the comments and actions.

Recent intimating encounters with my family and me in person, on social media, and telephonically have led me to deep thought and family discussions while remaining secluded and silent. I have been harassed and physically threatened on my social media pages, calling my family and me. Additionally, I have had strangers lurking outside my home for extended periods and knocking on my door asking for me or randomly named people. Assistance in the mobilization of unhinged characters is hazardous during these times. All threats are serious. It is a known fact that I am a champion for our city and our schools. I have been to board meetings speaking out and offering solutions to issues or concerns for our youth. I stand tall and unwavering in my commitment to speak up for our children. However, for the safety of my family and to alleviate potential disruption to the school board meetings, I am resigning from my elected seat to the Maple Heights School Board effective immediately. I will, however, continue to be active on behalf of our children from the other side of the table. Again, I am honored and appreciate the opportunity to sit at the table. I pray for the continued success of the Board in its dedication and commitment to the betterment of our youth."

Tina Stafford-Marbury was elected to serve a two-year term. She also campaigned for councilperson of Maple Heights District 6. In 2019, she was unsuccessful. Marbury lost to Richard Trojanski. In 2021, Marbury led the recall attempt against Trojanski. Her attempt drastically failed—the recall cost taxpayers of Maple Heights approximately $7,000.00.

"Tina Marbury renouncing her school board position before taking office demonstrates her selfishness to serve over the community and further reinforces the fact that she has no genuine concern for Maple Heights. Her behavior is a slap in the face to those parents who supported her candidacy. I hope voters in Maple Heights remember her shenanigans. This behavior is not what we want representing us in a leadership position", stated Richard Trojanski. Trojanski is the Councilman for District 6.

We reached out to Tina Stafford-Marbury and Rosalind Moore, the school board president, for additional comments. Mrs. Marbury nor Ms. Moore did not return our call. We also left a message for the school's attorney, Karrie Kalil.

However, we spoke briefly with Kathy Jo Beverly, treasurer for the school, and she could not discuss Marbury's resignation. Beverly stated, "I am not at liberty to discuss this situation." She also referred us to the school's attorney.

According to their website, Maple Heights school district provides education to approximately 3,800 students. Maple Heights is one of 612 school districts in the state of Ohio.

(Brown on Cleveland removed individual names from Marbury's letter due to unfounded accusations)

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