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Carjacking Seminars Offered to Local Communities

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Cleveland, OH - Three local organizations are teaming up again to confront the issue of Carjacking and Sliding; Black Empowerment Makes a Difference, Conversation and Leadership, and the Black Women Commission of Cuyahoga County.

Carjacking is a robbery. The perpetrators will take the automobile by force or threat.

Before the pandemic, the group conducted "Don't Be a Victim to Carjacking" workshops in local communities. Attendees learned strategies and preventative measures. They also had the opportunity to hear from law enforcement and community activists. Those who were physically able had the opportunity to learn basic techniques to physically protect themselves.

According to an article written by Cheryl Corley of NPR.ORG, the FBI does not gather national data for carjacking, however, local cities will maintain the statistics. As we take a look at Chicago, Mayor Lorie Lightfoot and her team have been examining this new epidemic. They are calling for a holistic approach - exploring the root cause to help curve this matter but more so preventative measures to curtail long-term consequences for committing this kind of act - even if the end result is short-term incarceration of juveniles. Juveniles Part of Hugh Increase in Carjackings Across the Country.

Within the City of Cleveland and outer-ring suburbs, the carjacking stories are alarming. On February 11, 2021, the Wickliff Police issued a warning to residents due to the increase in carjackings. Most recently, a 29-year-old man was shot in the leg. He was rear-ended. According to the Cleveland Police spokesperson, Jennifer Ciaccia, the man exited his vehicle to check for damages when four males robbed him of his vehicle. The man suffered a gunshot wound to his leg.

Group organizers want to instill in residents to be cautious. Local officials are constantly warning everyone to be aware of their surroundings at all times. If you are in an accident drive to the nearest police station for help and always keep your doors locked and windows up even if you are in the vehicle.

"We have a lot of strategies, and most are common sense. We have to learn to do things differently because we are living in a different time. We want everyone to be safe. Our attendees will be able to learn preventative measures to keep them from being a victim. This is important, especially as we approach the holiday season. It is unfortunate that we have people willing to violate others" says, Frederica Gates-Mayes, CEO of BEMAD. "Because we are not experts in this field, we will continue to partner with our local law enforcement of every community where we are holding workshops to assure that we continue to follow best practices" stated, Deonna Moore-Taylor of Conversation and Leadership.

According to Mrs. Gates-Mayes, due to the pandemic, the workshops will be held on-site of the requesting organization, school, and church. Space will be limited. To get information on how to get your organization on the schedule, please email

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