Why your 20s should be about self-discovery and adventure

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When teens are in high school, they are expected to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives. By their senior year, they are pressured to choose a college major that they will use for their lifelong careers.


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When they reach college age, they are expected to stick with that major in order to graduate in four years and stay on track. By the time students should have their degree at 22, they may feel obligated to find a job related to their college major.

The problem is that for many people, 22 is such a young age to be making such impactful career decisions. Sure, there are some people who discover at a young age what they want to do with their lives. That’s wonderful, but the same concept doesn’t work for the other people in their twenties.

Here are some of the reasons why people in their 20s should be spending time exploring and discovering themselves:

They’re still young

When people reach their twenties, they really aren’t that old at all. They are still pretty young. A 22-year-old college graduate has only left teenhood two years ago and has only been able to drink alcohol for about a year. 

But society thinks people in their twenties should have their careers fully mapped out right away, even though they were only just recently trusted to start legally drinking.

When someone is in their twenties, they generally have many more decades to live life. That means many more decades of uncovering what they wish to do with their lives, which doesn’t necessarily have to be just one thing.

They have less family obligations

When people get older, they have to take care of their older family members. Parents and grandparents can’t do as much as they get older, therefore relying on younger generations in the family to help out.

When people are in their twenties, it’s less likely their older family members will fall ill. This means those are the perfect years to travel, try new things, and spend time trying to figure out the meaning of life. If they don’t take advantage of those opportunities when they are young, they might not get to enjoy them at all.

They’re in better shape

Generally, when people are younger, they are healthier and it’s easier for them to be active. People in their twenties should get to use their bodies while they can to travel the world, do fun outdoor activities, and explore.

When they get older, some of them might not be as limber and they could get ailments prohibiting them from living their lives to the fullest. People in their twenties should use the decade to make full use of their bodies while they still have a chance.

They can try new things and discover their passions

As people get older, they tend to get more stuck in their ways. They don’t want to change their routines. They might be less willing to try new things. But people in their twenties should be given the chance to explore their ambitions while they’re still young and not too stuck in one job.

Ages 20 to 29 should be spent trying out all sorts of interests. That can help narrow things down when the 30s come. People shouldn’t be hating their careers just because they didn’t get a chance to discover their passions when they were younger.

They just gained independence

Many people in their twenties have only just recently started living independently. Age twenty means only two years of experience being an adult, but it’s usually less than that. Many 18-year-olds are still in high school and live at home. Many college students are the same way.

People who only just stopped being dependent on their parents or guardians shouldn’t be expected to plan an entire life of their own right away.

They have time

People in their twenties typically have many years left to live. They have time to solidify what direction they want to take in their lives. But they are expected to have their careers planned out right away, as if they don’t have all that time.

Does anyone really know what they want to do in life?

Many people don’t know exactly what they want to do with their lives. People get upset or tired of their current careers, so they transition to a new one. People get bored living in the same place for too long, so they leave and move somewhere else. 

People are constantly in a state of change. No one ever truly remains the same for very long. We gain new knowledge through everyday experiences. This causes our values, attitudes, and goals to change.

No one should be expected to know exactly what they want to do in life, especially at such young ages like those in their twenties. People of any age should feel free to explore new things, discover new things about themselves, and try out different careers and skills.

Pressures from society leave people feeling stuck. This can lead them to making major decisions too quickly, leaving them unhappy in the long term.

It’s important to be responsible, though. People should be taking care of what they need to do in order to survive. They should work on having enough money to pay for necessities, but shouldn’t be made to feel tied down to one particular life plan.

Adults are just grown babies

At heart, everyone is still young. Some people act like they have life figured out, when in reality they are a mess. Others act mature and tough, but no one can resist some nostalgic childhood memories and fun activities.

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