How to keep yourself entertained at home this winter

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There’s plenty to do inside.

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Because of the pandemic and the chilly weather, it’s difficult to get out of the house. People are still quarantining and staying socially distanced. People don’t want to go out in the cold. Staying inside is warm and cozy, but it can get boring without much to do.

Being indoors the majority of the time can start to feel repetitive. Your home might start to feel like a trap.

Luckily, there is a long list of things to do indoors. Avoid feeling trapped inside your home by trying out one of these activities:

Play board or card games

Playing board or card games with other members of your household can be a fun way to get you socializing. It can also give you a break from staring at a screen, since many people turn to their phones, TVs, or other electronic devices to cure their boredom.

Grab some snacks, set up a game, and start playing. It will help mentally stimulate you and could keep you, your friends, and your family entertained for hours. Enjoy some competition and laughter.

Find a new hobby

It’s never too late to learn something new. When you’re stuck at home, you can try 

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument? Get one and take some lessons. You could give a concert to your friends and family. 

Have you been wanting to bake? Grab your apron and find some tasty recipes online or in a cookbook. Have your friends and family try out your yummy creations and enjoy the looks on their faces when they find out how delicious your cooking is.

The options are endless. There’s other hobbies including knitting, drawing, writing, and more. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill you can have fun with. You can pay for lessons, find free tutorials online, or even just wing it by yourself and see what happens.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language will not just cure boredom from being inside, but it’ll get you thinking and using your brain. Impress people at parties with your hidden talent of speaking more than one language. Plus, you’ll be able to talk to more people, which means more friends. More friends means less chances to get bored.

There are so many free resources and apps that can help you get started, so there’s nothing stopping you from taking the first step of language learning.

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Take an online course

You don’t need to attend school to gain knowledge and learn new skills. You can entertain yourself while getting smarter by taking a course online.

Websites like Coursera, Udemy, and EdX have thousands of courses that are free to take. In many cases, they offer certificates for a fee when a course is completed. However, the course itself is available at no cost.

There are online courses on graphic design, political science, non-profit management, biology, history, and so many more topics.

The possibilities are endless. Take advantage of online courses while you have more downtime in the winter. Before the weather warms up and there’s more chances to get outdoors, consider learning something new.

Clean the house

Since you’re all cooped up inside until it warms up outdoors, consider cleaning the house. Even if a space is organized, chances are it needs a thorough cleaning.

Think about what crevices or under-noticed areas should get some attention. Wipe down surfaces, mop all the floors, clean the microwave, or clear out the pantry and fridge.

Since you’re stuck at home most of the time anyways, you might as well have a clean place to enjoy your time.

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Get a coloring book

Coloring is a great way to make time go by fast. You can even multitask while you do it. You could make coloring even more entertaining by also listening to music or playing a movie in the background.

Find a coloring book with images or characters you enjoy and stay entertained for hours.

Binge watch a new show

There are always shows you haven’t yet seen. If you’ve already watched all your favorite shows and they no longer entertain you, try finding something new.

There are so many shows that it can be hard to choose from. In order to narrow it down, find an online list of the best shows in your preferred genre. Then pick one from there.

Once you find a new show, you won’t need to worry about entertaining yourself while you’re stuck at home. You’ll have hours of content to consume. On top of that, you’ll get to live vicariously through your new favorite characters who might not be having to deal with the cold months like you are.

Start a blog

Everyone has something to say, and a blog is a great way to get thoughts out into the world. People start blogs where they talk about anything. Blog topics can range from food to politics to fashion.

If you have passions, why not turn them into a written journal for other people to enjoy? Instead of being bored at home throughout the winter, you’ll be connecting with other people around the world reading your blog.

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Bake some goodies

Baking is a fun and delicious way to pass the time during the cooped up cold months. There are winter-themed breads, cookies, pies, and cakes just waiting for you to make.

Baking is a great way to pass the time while you’re stuck at home when it’s cold out. Having the oven on will help keep your home nice and warm, too.

Write letters to family and friends

If you’re having trouble staying entertained while inside for the winter, try writing letters to your friends and family. Tell them why you appreciate them or remind them of a memory you share together.

They’ll appreciate the gesture and it’ll help pass some time.


Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit. Try out some exercises. Self-care is a great way to keep yourself healthy while curbing boredom.

Start doing yoga, dance to some music, keep up with a workout video, or any other of your favorite exercises.


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